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December 2013

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Blackboard Upgrade Coming in Early January

Ho Ho Hacked

Off-Campus Events and AV Support

The Benefits of Using Black Screen and Screen Mute in TE Classrooms

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From the Editor - Maureen Scoones

If you are reading this and still thinking about completing your holiday shopping, you may find the ProfHacker Gift Guide for 2013 very useful! According to Nikki Reynolds, "A huge list of gift ideas, some techie, some not so much, but still pretty nifty."

In this issue, details about the Blackboard Learn upgrade planned for January, the benefits of using the black screen function in classrooms, and Ryan Coyle begins his two part series on password managers. In 2014, I resolve to do all I can do so I am not the target of hackers! More on my resolution next month...

Wishing everyone an enjoyable holiday season and restful break!

Blackboard Upgrade Coming in Early January - Deborah Reichler
Blackboard Learn will be upgraded in early January in order to make available a number of new features, extended features, bug fixes and security enhancements. More...
Ho Ho Hacked - Ryan Coyle

Did someone say online shopping? How do you keep your passwords safe, not only during the holiday season, but year-round? In IT, we talk a lot about passwords. They're everywhere, and really, until we have something to replace them, that's the way it'll be for the foreseeable future. You have a password for email, to log in to your computer, to check your bank balance, to check on your fantasy golf team, etc. How many of your passwords are the same? I would bet that a lot of them are. More...

Photo by Matti Mattila, licensed under Creative Commons:

Off-Campus Events and AV Support - Graham Espe
Hamilton's Audiovisual team is always happy to help the Hamilton community get what they want and expect out of an event, even when it is not being supported by our team members directly. If you are attending or hosting a conference off-campus and are contracting with an outside AV company, feel free to forward the proposed equipment and prices to any member of our team for a quick review. More...
The Benefits of Using Black Screen and Screen Mute in TE Classrooms - Graham Espe

In all Technology Enhanced (TE) classrooms with touchscreen control systems, there is a function called Black Screen or Screen Mute. Once you have started up a system and selected a source (e.g., Instructor PC), you will see a button on the source page for this function. Using this function actually places a physical shutter in the light path of the projector- effectively 'blacking out' or 'muting' the projection while keeping it powered on and in a ready state. More...

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