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About E-Books

E-Book Advantages

  • Choice – many solutions exist for reading text electronically, including viewing on computers, tablets, e-readers, and even smartphones
  • Lower cost – often less expensive than print books, can be “leased”
  • Portability – many books on one device
  • Readability – adjustable font size
  • Annotation – powerful commenting and tagging features
  • Definition lookup – words can be found in online dictionaries and other sources
  • Flexibility – “course packs” made up of texts from multiple sources can be created
  • Accessibility – Some e-readers can convert printed text to speech
  • Efficiency – e-readers can hold hundreds or thousands of books and can double as web browsers and email clients

E-Book Disadvantages

  • Access – connection the Hamilton College APS wireless in not currently supported
  • Layout – less information can be displayed on a digital page
  • Restrictions – digital rights management may limit the number of devices that can contain the book, or provide restrictions on sharing, or copying and printing text.
  • Media limitations– e-readers can only display one or two books at a time.
  • Complexity – many incompatibilities exist between e-readers, file formats, and online purchasing methods
  • Hardware limitations – e-textbooks from some sources, including Barnes and Noble, cannot be viewed on handheld e-readers

E-Textbook Information for Faculty

Upon your request for a book, the bookstore will automatically determine if an e-book version is available. If necessary, the bookstore will work directly with copyright holders to obtain the desired e-book.

Faculty can call, send email,  or use the Bookstore online request form to request books. Books can also be ordered directly through Blackboard using the Nook Study Textbook List tool. If you want your students to use e-books exclusively, just let the Bookstore know.

Students should use the Nook Study application to view their e-books.

CoursePacks are customized textbooks assembled from multiple sources. Coursepacks can be ordered from Xanedu.

Software E-Reader Downloads

Hardware E-Reader Models

Free E-Book Sources

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