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What is meant by "Professional-Grade Videoconference:"

  • Professional-Grade Videoconferences are unparalleled, high-quality videoconference calls facilitated by sophisticated hardware and support.

How are Professional-Grade Videoconferences supported?

  • The process for configuring and running a Professional-Grade Videoconference is by far more complicated than a videoconference facilitated by Google Talk, Skype, or OoVoo:
    • All participants in the call must have specialized equipment or rent time at a facility equipped with such specialized units;
    • There is a fee for using this service;
    • Audio and Video quality exceed any solution available on individual computers with webcams and/or microphones;
    • A Tandberg unit at Hamilton is stationed on one videoconference cart and permanently stationed in the Taylor Science Center;
    • Professional-Grade Videoconferences absolutely must be directly supported by a member of Audiovisual Services.

How can I tell if I should use the Professional-Grade Videoconference Option?

  • LITS recommends a Professional-Grade Videoconference only for highest-priority calls (e.g final interviews for a high-ranking position;)
  • Skype and Google Talk have been used many times for interviews and courses on campus and are deemed completely satisfactory by users;
  • And, as always, LITS welcomes a conversation about your needs and will be happy to provide a recommendation at any time; please contact Audiovisual Services at avs@hamilton.edu or x4120. 

I need to use the Professional-Grade Videoconference option. What should I do?

  • Faculty should contact Claire Skjellerup at cskjelle@hamilton.edu or request a Tandberg unit in 25 live when you request a space;
  • Staff may use a Professional-Grade Videoconference solution for interviews with prospective employers, but the request must be initiated at Human Resources.
  • Students may use the Professional-Grade Videoconference option for interviews with prospective employers, but the request must be initiated at the Career Center.


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