Student Storage Server (SSS)

What is the Student Storage Server?

The Student Storage Server provides each Hamilton College student with 300 Mega Bytes of storage space accessible from any networked computer on campus and any off-campus computer with an internet connection.

What do most students use the SSS for?

Most students use their SSS space to store important documents, such as term papers, resumes, lab reports and PowerPoint presentations. 300 Mega Bytes should be more than adequate for the average student who is saving documents.

Why use the SSS when I can just use a USB drive?

 The SSS retains the same mobile advantages of a USB drive, but with much more security. Your files on the SSS are backed up to a tape drive every night and there is no disk for you to accidentally drop. Moreover, the SSS is kept free of viruses by anti-virus software. The chances of your data being lost or corrupted on a disk are exponentially higher than when using the Student Storage Server. While the SSS can be a quick and easy way to access your files on or off-campus, it is still strongly recommended that you keep a copy of your SSS files on a USB drive. The SSS

Once I’ve gotten the SSS set up on my computer, how do I use it?

If you are using a PC, using the SSS is just like using a USB drive. Instead of saving a document to your A: or C: drive, you will be saving documents to your SSS folder. On a Mac, you would simply connect to the SSS through the Network and a drive will appear on your desktop.

OK, I’m convinced, how do I set up my computer to use the SSS?

The process for setting up your computer to use the SSS drive varies by which operating system you are using. No matter what operating system you are using, however, you will need your SSS/Network password (same as your MyHamilton password). If you do not have this, or are not sure of what it is, you can reset it to match your e-mail password. Refer to this document on how to do this: Changing Your Hillconnect Password to Match Your ESS/SSS Password. Otherwise, refer to the following instructions:

Connecting to SSS

There are two ways to access your SSS: navigating to the Files tab in My Hamilton or mapping a network drive on your computer. For instructions on mapping a network drive on your computer, please click the appropriate link below

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