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Adding a Website to Your Favorites or Bookmarks Bar
Setting up an 11x17 Poster Using Microsoft Powerpoint
Using Remote Desktop in Mac OS X to Connect to Windows XP
Registering and Logging into Citrix
My Hamilton
Electronic Mail (E-mail) & Listserv (Mass E-mail lists)
How to Update or Install Java - Windows [XP, Vista, 7, 8]
How to Create a Sign-Up Sheet in Blackboard
Installing Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Macintosh Computers
Sample Student Mapping Projects
Audio voice over in Adobe Premiere
Audiovisual Services (AV)
Mobile Devices - Project and Task Management Apps
Microsoft Office 2010 Work at Home License for Windows
Sophos Home Edition on Mac OS X 10.6 or later for Students
Introduction to Qualtrics
Embedding Video in Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac OS X
Listserv Resources
Virus Protection at Hamilton College
Accessing the Academic Server
Common Blackboard Problems and Their Solutions
Circulation and Reserves
Google Sync for iOS devices
Installing Sophos Anti-Virus on Mac OS 10.4-10.9 for Employees Off campus
Access to Information Technology Resources
Introduction to Citrix
Multimedia Presentation Center
Installing the Citrix Client on your Computer
Your Hamilton College Electronic Resources Account
Blackboard Learn Support
Email & Network Account Options When You Leave Hamilton
HillConnect Resources
Java - Known Sites and Applications
Purchasing Computers
Digital Media Tutor Schedules
Transferring Email From Hamilton to Another Account
Creating Websites Using WordPress
Keep Your Computer Healthy and Safe
How to Set Your ListServ Subscription to Digest Mode
VPN for Remote Desktop
Accessing SSS After Graduation
Music Library Policies
Research & Instructional Design Tutor Home
Phone Services
The Mobile Device Community
Microsoft Office 2013 Work at Home License for Windows
Scanning Text with ReadIris and Converting to a Word Document
How to Subscribe To or Unsubscribe From a Listserv List
SiteManager - What is a site? How do I navigate one?
How to Temporarily Turn Mass Mail Off and On
Blackboard Browser-Related Issues
Blackboard Login and Enrollments
Installing AVG Anti-virus
Installing Sophos Anti-Virus on Windows for Employees Only
Citrix Unable to Open In Firefox
Blackboard Compatible Browsers
College Computer Equipment
Survey Tools
Web Support
HillConnect Additional Services
Mobile Devices - Notetaking
Policy on the Protection of Confidential and Sensitive Information
Managing Java on your computer
Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources
SSS File Manager on the WWW
Manual VPN Client Installation for Windows 8
ESRI Site License
GIS and Mapping Resources for the Adirondacks
SiteManager - How do I edit textboxes?
Creating Music with Apple Loops in GarageBand
Network and Telephone Services Home Page
Mobile Devices - Chemistry Apps
Using Remote Desktop in Windows 7
How to Send Mail to One of the Mass E-mail Lists
Mobile Devices - Geospatial/Geosciences Apps
Data Backup and Storage
Welcome to CrashPlan
Spyware and Adware
A Few Things to Know About the HillConnect Environment
ESS File Manager on the WWW
Quick Start Guide for List Owners
SiteManager - How do I edit content modules?
Changing Your HillConnect Password to Match Your ESS/SSS Password
GIS and Mapping Blogs
Map-Related Teaching Resources
Using VPN in Mac OSX
Using VPN in Windows 7/8
Configuring Computer for Skype
Burke Library Room Reservation Policy
SiteManager 3.0
Manual VPN Client Installation for Mac OS X
VPN Documentation
Tablet Loan/Evaluation Program
Repair of Computer Equipment
Employee Storage Server (ESS)
Installing the Redirect Add-On in Thunderbird
SiteManager - How do I add Google Forms, Calendars, and Maps?
Hamilton Encryption FAQ
Large Format Poster Support Models
Using Remote Desktop in Windows XP
Department Security Manager Information
Network and Telephone Services Internet-Information
Critical Service Outages
SiteManager - How do I add Facebook Plugins?
SiteManager - How do I create a Twitter Feed?
How to Update or Install Java - Macintosh
Changing a Forgotten or Expired Password
Burning a Disc Using Burn Folder in OSX
Google Sync versus IMAP
Audio Creation
Audiovisual Services Video Services & Duplication Policy
Support of Hardware and Software
Videoconferencing Guide
Blackboard Tutorials for Faculty
Phone Instructions
Voicemail System FAQ
Migrating Thunderbird Address Book to HillConnect
Software Standards
Sophos Downloads
Camtasia Studio Instructions
Creating a PDF in OS X
Ownership of Intellectual Property
SiteManager - How do I add Hamilton News?
Suggestions for Online Test-Taking
Create a High-Quality Videoconference
How to turn Java on
Audiovisual Services Copyright, Video Recording
How to turn Java off
Web Publishing Using Mac OSX
Finding your IP & MAC Address
Cellular Phone Services
E-Book Information for Faculty
Hamilton Passwords
Portfolios in Blackboard
Becoming a Listserv List Owner
Colleague and Colleague Advancement Support
Configuring Windows Mail for HillConnect Mail
Audiovisual Services Copyright, Production Work
Windows Web Publishing
Call Number Locator: First Floor
LITS Educational Opportunities
2 step verification
Clearing Your Cache and Cookies
SiteManager - What are content modules? How do I add them?
Changing a Known Password through the Hamilton Password Manager
SiteManager - How do I add new media?
SiteManager - How do I edit a page/replace a downloadable file?
Ensemble Media Upload and Sharing
Tip # 3 - Adding Leading Zeros to Colleague-Generated EXCEL Spreadsheets
Video Creation
How to Add a News Feed to MyHamilton
SiteManager - How do I add/edit images?
Hamilton Passwords - Systems
SiteManager - How do I add text?
Hamilton Passwords - FAQ
Media Creation and Analysis
Remove old versions of Java
SiteManager - How do I add comments?
SiteManager - How do I add audio/video?
SiteManager - How do I add custom content?
SiteManager - How do I add Navigation?
Voicemail System
SiteManager - How do I add/edit a slideshow?
General Resources for Using GIS and Maps in Class
Blackboard Resources for Students
SiteManager - How do I add a page or file?
SiteManager - How do I add a site contact?
Web Publishing at Hamilton
SiteManager - How do I delete a page?
Dialing Instructions
Embedding Video into a Web Page
Hamilton Password Manager Enroll
SiteManager - Registration Tool
A Short Guide to RSS
HillConnect Privacy Policies
Audiovisual Services Copyright, Seek Permission
Central Information Services Mission Statement
Enabling and Using Windows Update in Vista
CrashPlan FAQ
Web Publishing: Using FTP
Tip # 1 - Using the @ Symbol for Last Record Retrieval
Tip # 2 - Using = to Tell Colleague to do it Your Way
Hamilton Encryption
OS X - Change Security Settings
Policy on Posting and Distributing Posters and Flyers in Burke
Call Number Locator
Call Number Locator: Third Floor
Call Number Locator: Second Floor
Digital Photo Creation
InCommon Participant Operational Practices
Call Number Locator: Basement
3D Modeling
Accessing Google Maps at Hamilton
Federated ID Error
Videoconferencing using Skype
How to Change Your ListServ Password
Videoconferencing using Google Talk
Blackboard Section Merge Request
Videoconferencing using OoVoo
Accepted Student Web Page Launch Checklist
Adding New Students to the Transition System
Admission Decisions Launch Checklist
Audio Creation
Configuring the First Year Student Survey
Current Wildcard Certificate Servers
Doceri Case Study: Gary Wyckoff
Google Custom Search
Installing the Hamilton.edu WildCard SSL Certificate (GoDaddy) on an IIS Server
Policy on Posting and Distributing Posters and Flyers in Burke
Student ID Works Photos
Student Organization Account Creation Process
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