Wiki Project Workflow

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Information gathering

  1. Basic idea for project is communicated
  2. Identify potential Hillgroup stakeholders
  3. Fill out Course Support form
  4. Conduct Hillgroup planning meeting
  5. Identify project objectives
  6. Identify learning goals/objectives
  7. Topic
  8. Audience
  9. Intended purpose of wiki?
  10. Who should be able to see the wiki?
  11. Who should be able to add entries to the wiki?
  12. Short term or continuing wiki availability?
  13. Cooperative or individual project?


  1. Where will scaffolding occur?
  2. Identify opportunities for “Authentic Learning”
  3. Identify opportunities for formative process evaluation
  4. Identify opportunities for formative assessment of students
  5. Outcome assessment – how will we determine that learning has occurred? (behavior, conditions, criteria) Develop rubric or other measurement tool.
  6. How will student performance be assessed (refer to objectives)
  7. Secure resources and plan delivery
  8. Create timeline of events
  9. Workshop scheduling
  10. Identification of expert/peer reviewers

Technology instruction for students

  1. Workshop
  2. Ongoing support as needed
  3. Students begin using the blog
  4. Faculty member monitors initial posts and comments carefully to set the tone of the blog

Student project outcome assessment and project process evaluation are completed


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