Institutional Research and Assessment


Statement of Accreditation

Hamilton College is fully accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.


Standing with State

Hamilton College is authorized to operate as a college or university by the New York  State Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department (NYSED).  NYSED Office of Higher Education can be reached at New York State Education Department, Office of Higher Education, Room 977 Education Building Annex, Albany, NY 12234. 



Periodic Review Report

Hamilton's Periodic Review Report (PRR) is due June 1, 2016 to Middle States. The PRR is required to be submitted five years after an institution’s decennial self-study and evaluation. The PRR  should provide institutional progress and planning information to Middle States and assist them in determining whether the institution remains in compliance with accreditation standards.

A PRR is required to be no longer than 50 pages and contain the following:  

1) An executive summary

2) A summary description of the institution's responses to recommendations from the previous evaluation and to Commission actions

3) A brief narrative identifying the institution's major challenges and/or current opportunities

4) Analysis of enrollment and finance data for the period covered by the institution's strategic plan (but not less than the current year and three future years), including enrollment and fiscal trends from the three previous years and assumptions upon which projections are based.

5) Evidence of sustained and organized processes to assess institutional effectiveness and student learning, and evidence that the results of such processes are being used to improve programs and services and to inform planning and resource allocation decisions

6) Evidence that linked institutional planning and budgeting processes are in place

Three evaluators (two external reviewers and a finance associate) appointed by Middle States will review the PRR (PRR reviewers do not visit the campus or interact with us).   They will then make a recommendation to the Middle States Commission regarding our continued accreditation.

Dean of Faculty Pat Reynolds and Assistant Dean Gordon Hewitt will coordinate the completion of the report during the 2015-16 academic year, with review and guidance from the Campus Planning Committee.  The following is a general timeline for completion:

  • 2014-15 - preparation for PRR, including completion and continuation of projects and analyses in follow-up to the findings of the decennial review.
  • September, 2015 - Campus Planning Committee is charged with guidance and review of the PRR.  Substantive report outline is completed.
  • October, 2015-March, 2016 - Sections of the report are completed and reviewed by the CPC.  Required financial reporting and analysis are completed with assistance from the controller's office.
  • April-May, 2016 - drafts of the PRR are submitted to the CPC and Board Planning Committee for review.
  • May - drafts are revised based on feedback and a final version emerges.
  • June 1st - submitted to the Middle States Commission. Read report
  • August 2- Reviewers' Report will be available
  • September 1- Institutional Response to Reviewers' Report due