Opportunity Programs

Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)

The Opportunity Programs office is located in McEwen Hall 104.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students in the Opportunity Programs students of color?

Opportunity Programs is not a diversity program. This academic program is designed for students from all ethnic groups whose academic profiles do not fit the traditional Hamilton student profile, but who demonstrate an ability to compete at this institution. Opportunity Program students are provided a structured and supportive environment that facilitates degree attainment. Program services include comprehensive needs and skills assessment, academic and career counseling, academic support, advocacy and some assistance with books and travel.

How many students are in Opportunity Programs?

The number varies depending on the incoming class. Students are part of Opportunity Programs for their four years at Hamilton. There are currently more than 170 students in the program. 

What leadership roles have Opportunity Program students held?

Opportunity Program students hold leadership roles as teaching assistants, resident advisors, EMTs, admission interns, Student Assembly representatives and Honor Court representatives. They also serve on the executive boards of organizations such as: BLSU, Womyn's Center, ACS, MSA, CAB, Feminist of Color Collective, Chess Club and the Voices of Color Lecture Series.

Once the summer program is over, am I still part of Opportunity Programs?

Yes. Your successful completion of the five-week summer course is the beginning of your college experience and also the beginning of your relationship with the Opportunity Programs office. You will continue to work through a program protocol during your four years at Hamilton.

Do Opportunity Programs students get the chance to study abroad?

Yes. If a student is interested in studying abroad, Hamilton College as well as the Opportunity Programs office will encourage the student to take part in a semester abroad.  More than half - 56% - of Opportunity Programs students participate in study-abroad programs.