Opportunity Programs


Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)

The Opportunity Programs office is located in McEwen Hall 104.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are all students in the Opportunity Programs students of color?

Answer: No. Opportunity Programs is not a diversity program, but an academic one under the Dean of Faculty. Students are from all ethnic groups.


Question: How many students are in Opportunity Programs?

Answer: The number varies depending on the incoming class. Students are part of Opportunity Programs for their 4 years on campus.Over the past 10 years, the  OP incoming class size has increased by 40%. There are currently over 170 students in the program. 

Question: What leadership roles have Opportunity Program students held?

Answer: Opportunity Program students hold leadership roles as Teaching Assistants ( TAs), Resident Assistants ( RAs), EMTs, Admissions Interns,Student Assembly Representatives, Honor Court Representatives,as well as positions on the Executive boards of various organizations such as: BLSU, Womyn's Center, Blue Vinyl, ACS, MSA, CAB, Feminist of Color Collective,Chess Club,Voices of Color Lecture Series.

Question: Once the summer program is over, am I still part of Opportunity Programs?

Answer: Yes. The successful completion of the 5 week summer course is the beginning of your college experience and also the beginning of the relationship with the Opportunity Programs office. Students continue to work through a program protocol through their 4 years at Hamilton.

Question: Do Opportunity Programs students get the chance to study abroad?

Answer: Yes. If a student is interested in studying abroad, Hamilton College as well as the Opportunity Programs office will encourage the student to take part in a semester abroad. 56% of Opportunity Programs students participated in study abroad programs.