Opportunity Programs


Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)

Meet Athina Chartelain

Class: Class of 2013
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Communication
Minor: Education & Hispanic Studies

Activities: Former secretary of The Black and Latino Student Union, Communication Coordinator for  The Young People's Project, Christian Fellowship, Feminist of Color Collective, Sustah Girl, RA for Residential Life, Volunteer in Patient Advocacy at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Utica, Student Activities, Student Manager for Bristol Center, Project Shine, Diversity Overnight Recruitment Intern,  Academic Junior Year Study abroad in Madrid, Spain

 "Think of the Opportunity Programs as a law firm and the wonderful ladies who work in it as lawyers: they advise and represents its clients (us students). Ms. Breland and Mrs. Davis advise us of our responsibilities as students and on making the most of our Hamilton experience. Mrs. Murphy helps us find opportunities for internships and scholarships, which we probably would not find on our own, and Mrs. Peckingham just pecks her way to find the best financial aid package for us. In essence these amazing women are our advocates: they fight for, support, and defends us. I am privileged and blessed to be apart of this program.  For me, the seeds have been planted, and  I am sowing the field. One day, I will reap the harvest. All thanks to these  dedicated and wonderful people who support me and have helped me build my foundation for everything great to come."