Opportunity Programs


Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)

Meet Students from the Class of 2016

Ramon Villalona '16

Hometown: The Bronx, NY
Major: Economics and Chinese

Activities: Make A Wish Foundation Treasurer, LEAP Mentor, Brothers Organization Website Developer, Alternative Spring Break Volunteer, The Continental Feature Story Writer, Admissions Diversity open house speaker, Al-Ham: Sports Mascot, Intramural Football, Field Hockey Athletic Event Staff Worker.

"HEOP is more than a small community of people dedicated to ensuring success and personal growth; it is a family. When faced with a difficult scheduling decision, concentration decision, or need someone to talk to, the women at the HEOP office will guide, support, and advise you. HEOP for me, and my peers, has been the key towards excelling scholastically, growing personally, and bonding with approachable and caring people."

Eudocia Montiel '16

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Undecided , possibly Sociology


Activities: La Vanguardia, Finesse Step Team, Clarinet Chamber Group

"I know many people didn't like HEOP during the summer but I want to boldly state that I loved it and that I am so grateful for it. Yes, I did struggle through it and I am not ashamed of admitting that. Because of that experience, I met the most incredible people who are now my closest friends and supportive mentors. On top of that, I learned to develop my own routine, time management, efficient methods of studying, confidence in the academic setting, and desire for success. Opportunity Programs has given me strength and has always demanded my best in academia and character. Where would I be without HEOP? Who knows and who cares. I am here now. So basically Opportunity Programs is stupendous and that is all that matters."