Peer Tutoring Program

Ben Smith
QSR Center Director
Peer Tutoring Program Coordinator

Tutoring Sessions

Your First Meeting

When you come to your first meeting with the tutor, bring with you your course syllabus and current assignments. You should be prepared at each tutorial session to summarize and discuss course readings, lectures, current assignments, returned quizzes and tests, and to ask specific questions about the material. You should take charge of the sessions by discussing topics and ideas for future tutorials.

At the end of each session you and the tutor will fill out a short progress strip, giving information about the tutorial, what was covered, and when you will meet again. You should keep a tutor log at the back of your notebook, keeping track of the meetings and topics and information about future meetings. This information will be helpful when you are filling out evaluation of tutoring forms.

You must let your tutor know ahead of time if you can't make it to a session. Be sure to reschedule right away, as you and the tutor will get more busy as the semester goes on. Regular meeting times are an important way to get the most out of the tutoring experience.

If you must drop a course please inform your tutor and the academic support coordinator.