Recycling at Hamilton

Tour of Recycling at Hamilton

Step 1: Point of Origin Sorting

Point of origin sorting depends on the participants – students, staff, and faculty – to properly sort their recyclables.  Any contamination results in the entire bin being thrown out and put in a landfill, whether it's one can in the paper bin or one apple core in the container group.  If you have questions about where recyclables go, please visit our What to Recycle page.

Each recycling station has four bins: one each for garbage, paper, containers, and 5-cent deposits.  Custodians inspect and collect garbage and recyclables daily.

Garbage consists of items soiled with food or drink, or anything inappropriate for the other three bins. This includes ice cream containers, Diner cups, McEwen cups, and lids.
The paper group consists of any paper products free of plastic, tape, or wax coverings. Please leave collapsed cardboard boxes next to the paper bins.
The container group consists of any plastics numbered 1 through 6, plus glass, metal, aluminum, and milk or juice cartons. This includes water and gatorade bottles.

The 5-cent deposit container takes anything labeled with a NY deposit.