Residential Life

Residential Life

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Custodial Services

Hamilton College Custodians are responsible for cleaning all common areas, such as hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and lounges. Additionally, the custodians will clean all publicly accessible bathrooms* (this includes all shared bathrooms and the bathrooms in the suites).

Students with private bathrooms, [including those in Anderson Road, Skenandoa, South, Carnegie, Griffin Road, Faculty Apartments, 100 College Hill Road, Farmhouse, Kirkland lofts, Minor Theater and all other areas in which a student’s residence must be entered in order access the bathroom] will be responsible for cleaning those bathrooms themselves. Custodians will only enter and clean these areas during break periods. Supplies for cleaning, as well as toilet tissue, will be provided to students by the Physical Plant. If you are interested in living in an area with a private bathroom please know that you will be responsible for cleaning this area. Additionally, be aware that students in these areas may be charged if excessive cleaning is needed when the custodians check these areas during break periods.