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Housing Lottery Guidebook

Meal Plans

Class Year Requirements

  • Sophomores will be assigned to the 21 meal plan.
  • Juniors and seniors may select either the 14 or 21 meal plan.
  • Only students (regardless of class year) living in 4002A or B Campus Road, Bundy East and West Apartments, Griffin Road Apartments, Farmhouse Apartments, Kirkland 4th Floor Loft Apartments, Saunders House, Minor, Milbank, McIntosh, Root faculty apartments, and Off-Campus have the option to select the 7 meal plan, in addition to the 14, or 21 meal plans.
  • Students living in Rogers and Woollcott will be assigned a special meal plan for that living area.
  • All students MUST be on a meal plan.

Important Notes

  • The 7 meal plan includes any 7 meals per week for those in Saunders, off campus, or apartments (see above list).
  • The 14 meal plan includes any combination of 14 meals per week for juniors and seniors only.
  • The 21 meal plan includes unlimited meals available to any student.

Meal Plan Rates

The most current meal plan rates can be found here.

Housing Lottery Guidebook
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