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Housing Lottery Guidebook

Options in the Lotteries

Pull-In Areas

In an effort to enable large groups of students (up to 7) to live together, an option to pull-in friends is available in certain areas of campus. Please refer to the list of pull-in locations.

We have gender neutral housing available.  Any multiple person room can be gender neutral unless it is located in a single sex area (Dunham, Kirkland 1st and 2nd floors, etc.).  We strongly advise students NOT to arrange to live in a room with a partner or significant other.  Room changes are not always possible or immediate depending on available spaces and circumstances

Basic guidelines for pull-ins:
  1. You have the ability to pull-in your friend(s), or be pulled-in, depending on who has the best housing lottery number.
  2. If you are involved in a pull-in, you must completely fill the rooms.
  3. All people (and/or designated proxies) must be present at the time the pull-in area is chosen.
Pulling Friends In:
  • Pull friends into quads or apartments in the following buildings: Anderson Road, Bundy East and West, Carnegie, Farmhouse, South, Griffin Road apartments, and faculty apartments in Milbank, Minor, McIntosh and Skenandoa.
  • Pull friends into a suite not offered in the Blocking Lottery. Some suites in Milbank and Babbitt may be partially pulled as multiple 2 pulls, meaning that you must completely fill each individual pull, but not the entire suite. (These will be designated as such on floor plans at the Lottery).

Pull-In Options

**NOTE** 3994 Campus Road is a similar to the Farmhouse Apartments and Griffin Road in that the person with the best lottery number has to pull in all of the remaining members to fill the house (in this case 5 other students).


Single-Sex Areas

All areas on campus are co-ed except the following:

Female Rooms Only:
  • Dunham 3rd floor (all even numbered rooms)
  • Kirkland 2nd floor
Male Rooms Only:
  • Dunham 3rd floor (all odd numbered rooms)
  • Kirkland 1st floor

Female/Male Ratio

In an effort to maintain female/male balance within residence halls, a 60/40 ratio will be maintained in two different ways:

  1. Every residence hall may not be filled with more than 60% upper-class men or 60% upper-class women. On rare occasions, a residence hall may be closed out to either men or women when 60% of the rooms have already been selected by one gender.
  2. Certain pull areas may be assigned a female/male ratio in an effort to provide an equal balance of females and males with access to these living options.

**NOTE** It is important to refer to the floor plans at the Lottery to see which areas may have gender ratios assigned to them. You may have to adjust your plans accordingly.

**NOTE** 4002A & B male/female ratio will be dictated by the first side pulled. (Example: If 4002A goes to all men, then 4002B will then be all women. If 4002A is co-ed, then 4002B will also be co-ed)


Housing Lottery Guidebook
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