Residential Life

Housing Lottery Guidebook

Specialty Options

Specialty houses give students the ability to live in more unique housing options on campus. Specialty options can be chosen in the General Lottery on April 27. The choices next year include:

In-Hall Dining
  • Rogers Estate (available during the Substance Free Lottery on Wednesday, April 9th)
Quiet Housing
  • Skenandoa, 3rd floor
  • Farmhouse A, B, and C
  • Anderson Road A and B
  • Griffin Road
  • McIntosh, Milbank, and Minor Faculty Apartments
  • Skenandoa 100

Important Note:

If you decide to choose a specialty house/floor, you must agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and expectations that govern that living community as outlined in your housing contract and the Residential Life Policies and Procedures section of your Student Handbook. If you violate any part of this contract, you may be asked to leave the specialty house/floor.

Housing Lottery Guidebook
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