Residential Life

Medical and Accommodation Pre-Assign Housing


The medical and accommodation pre-assign process is designed to meet housing needs of students who have a documented medical condition or other significant life circumstance that require specific housing accommodations.

If one's application is verified and accepted the student will be offered appropriate housing based on their need and will be assigned housing prior to the Specialty (Substance-Free), Blocking, and General Lotteries.

Examples of Possible Pre-Assigns
  • Medical conditions that require a private or semi-private bathroom
  • Short or long term circumstances in which students need to be on the first floor of a building (i.e.- physical disability or surgery that impedes one's ability to walk up stairs)
  • Any medical condition that requires temperature control of one's room

** Note: We do not provide "allergy housing" because no such option exists.

Process and Timeline

Monday, January 26th - Friday, February 20th
The application form for medical and accommodation pre-assign housing is available online. Two of the pages are to be completed by the applicant, with the other two to be completed by the applicant's physician/religious leader/or other appropriate authority that can comment specifically on the reason for the request. (Medical requests must contain documentation from a physician). The entire application is due to Allen Harrison, Associate Dean of Students For Diversity and Accessibility by Friday, February 20th at 4:00pm. No applications will be accepted after this date.

***Please provide as much detail as possible on your application***

Application Acceptance or Denial
Wednesday, March 4th - Monday, March 9th
Once all applications have been received, a confidential committee of campus administrators with various appropriate areas of expertise will decide if each student's request is necessary and appropriate. By no later than Monday, March 9th each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their request. If the request is accepted the student will be offered up to three options of pre-assign housing. If these options are not accepted by the student, the student will be required to participate in the Specialty, Blocking, and/or General Lotteries. The decision of the committee is final.

Room Selection

Monday, March 9th-Monday, March 30th
After a student's request is accepted s/he will be offered up to three housing options based on the medical needs and/or accommodations noted in the application. Upon the student's notification of acceptance and housing options, the student will have until Monday, March 30th at 4:00pm to notify the Office of Residential Life of which housing option s/he prefers. Once an option is chosen, it can no longer be changed and the student waives her/his right to participate in any other lottery process.

If a student fails to choose a housing option by the deadline, that student will be required to participate in the Specialty, Blocking, and/or General Lottery and will forgo any and all medical pre-assign options.

Students on Leave
You may communicate with us throughout this process via e-mail or telephone. It is up to your discretion as to which you prefer, but the timeline and process must be strictly adhered to.

Please contact the Office of Residential Life at reslife@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4023 with questions or proxy information.