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Mid-Year Lottery Guide

To All Students Returning to Campus for the Spring 2016 Semester:

The housing lottery process detailed in this page was designed over the past year by the Lottery Coordinator in order to house students returning to campus in the middle of the academic year. You may contact the Office of Residential Life with any lottery questions you may have.

Students Eligible for this lottery include:

  • Students who participated in Fall Semester Study Abroad and are returning for the Spring Semester
  • Students who declared a medical, academic, or personal leave of absence that will end at the end of the Fall Semester

Students who currently have housing on campus are not eligible to participate in the Mid-Year Lottery as a means of changing rooms, or for any other purpose.

January Admittance Students will be assigned housing based on information provided in their housing questionnaire.

Students who are on record to return this Spring will receive frequent lottery updates from Ashley Place, Assistant Director for Residential Life, via email. If you intend to return please be sure that the Dean of Students Office and Registrar are aware that your leave will be ending, otherwise you will not be on the list of students in need of housing accommodations.

Thank you to all members of the Office of Residential Life, and the Hamilton community who are helping to make this year's housing lottery possible!

Good luck with the process!

Ashley Place
Lottery Coordinator

Important Mid-Year Lottery Dates

October 14, 2015 – Leave of Absence Deadline for Spring 2016

November 9, 2015 – Deadline for Accommodation Pre-Assign Forms

November 25, 2015 – Deadline to Pre-assign to an available space on campus

November 30, 2015 – Deadline to assign a proxy for the Mid Year lottery at 4 p.m.

December 2, 2015 – Mid-year housing lottery takes place in the Hub at 6 p.m.
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Proxy Information


If you are unable to be present at the housing lottery, you will need to find a proxy. The housing proxy will act on your behalf to handle all aspects of the housing lottery process. Proxy designations after the deadline will not be recognized. Please stop by the Office of Residential Life to complete a Housing Proxy Form or you may designate a housing proxy via email by completing the Housing Proxy Form and sending it to us at reslife@hamilton.edu. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible to make the process of selecting a room easier for your proxy. The Office of Residential Life will serve as your proxy if you would prefer, but you MUST specify that you would like us to do so in your proxy form.

**Note: Please be aware that your proxy form is not a binding agreement. However, the room selected by your proxy IS binding and cannot be changed, so it is important that you let your proxy know your exact preferences. Please indicate your housing proxy as well as any specific information about the type of room you would like on your form. Please realize that the spaces available on campus mid-year are limited. For this reason it is in your best interest to include more than the minimum of three preferences, as your top few choices may not be available.  If you do not designate a housing proxy and do not attend the housing lottery, you will not receive housing for the spring semester.


If you are acting as a housing proxy for a student currently away from campus or who is unable to attend the mid-year lottery process please be sure to arrive on time and prepared for the lottery.  You must bring your Hamilton ID to the housing lottery in order to act as a proxy. Please remember to select housing based on the preferences of the person for whom you are a proxy. **Note**: Be sure to check with the person for whom you are a proxy to find out if they are interested in any of the specialty housing options, such as substance free.
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The Pre-Assign Process

  • Accommodation/Medical Pre-Assignment
  • Pre-Assignments to Vacant Spaces in multiple-person rooms where at least one roommate will be remaining from the Fall 2015 semester


This process allows students with approved Medical and/or Religious needs that severely limit the places they can live on campus to obtain housing that suits their needs. In order to apply for this type of housing students must complete the Medical Pre-Assign paperwork found on the Residential Life Website and submit it to Allen Harrison, the Associate Dean of Students for Diversity and Accessibility. Applications will be reviewed by the Associate Dean, as well as staff from Residential Life, the Counseling Center and the Health Center as appropriate in order to reach an informed and fair decision. Students will be notified on the results of this application on a rolling basis. Where possible, students whose applications are accepted will be offered 2 or 3 spaces that meet their needs to select from. The deadline for these forms is 11/9/2015.


This process is open to all students returning to campus in the spring. It allows students who have, or will have vacant spaces within their living area to request that a returning student be pre-assigned to that vacancy. This option is available under the following circumstances:

  • The space is within a double, triple, or quad and at least one current resident of that area will remain housed there for the spring semester.
  • The space is within an apartment and at least one current resident of that area will remain housed there for the spring semester.
  • The space is within a suite and at least one current resident of that area will remain housed there for the spring semester.

Pre-assignments are not allowed for any single rooms not included within the parameters above (i.e. singles that are being vacated outside of suites and apartments may not be selected through the pre-assign process. Singles that were connected as pulls in the spring lottery are no longer connected in this way, and may not be filled through the pre-assignment process). Rooms that will be completely vacated may not be ‘passed on’ to returning students.

Throughout the fall semester students with vacancies will be contacted to ensure that they are aware that the space in their room/suite/apartment will be made available in the mid-year lottery if it is not filled prior to that date. In late October Residential Life will begin offering the option of pre-assignment to students with vacancies. As a part of this process, we will send a list of returning students out to all students with vacancies. This will allow students to get in touch with each other and to request pre-assignments to fill these vacancies. Our hope is that this will allow students to select their roommates, rather than running the risk of leaving the space open at the lottery, at which point it will be available to any student (of the appropriate sex) who wants it. A list of all rooms that are not selected and available singles that cannot be pre-assigned will be posted at the lottery.
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The Lottery Process on 12/2/2015

All returning students, or their designated proxy, that don’t elect to participate in a pre-assignment process will have to attend the lottery on December 2, 2015. The lottery will be held in the Hub at 6 p.m. Students should arrive 15 minutes early in order to review the floor plans, and the selection order (based on the randomly assigned lottery numbers). At 6 p.m. the Lottery Coordinator will give instructions and then begin the selection.

Students waiting to select rooms will be able to review floor plans that will show the available rooms. Volunteers from the Res Life Staff will be on hand to update these floor plans as rooms are taken. Once your number is called (or the number of the student you are proxying for) you will need to report to the number caller table. At this point you will be provided with two stickers that have the name of the student whose room is being chosen on them. You will then proceed to the sticker chart table where you will place one sticker on a list of rooms, next to the room you are selecting. The other sticker will be placed on a slip of paper that is used by the Office of Residential Life for data entry.

Once the stickers are placed the room selection is final and cannot be changed. Please make sure that you choose your room carefully. If you are a proxy please remember that your selection is also final, so choose a room that the person you are representing would choose because it cannot be changed if they do not like your selection.
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Pull Options in the Mid-Year Lottery


In an effort to enable groups of students to live together, options to pull-in friends may be available during the mid-year lottery in certain areas of campus.  Pull-ins for the mid-year lottery will only be available where an entire room, or apartment, that houses multiple students is vacant. For example, if a double, triple or quad room is open you may select this room and then pull in other participants in the mid-year lottery to fill the space (guidelines below must be followed). Note: You may NOT pull-in any student that already has campus housing.

There is a co-ed option to the pulls, where available, if desired. Please see our gender neutral housing policy outlined under "Important Information."

The pull-in process is simple. Listed below are the basic guidelines for pull-ins:

  1. You have the ability to pull-in your friend(s), or be pulled-in, depending on who has the best housing lottery number.
  2. If you are involved in a pull-in, you must completely fill the room/apartment.
  3. All people (and/or designated proxies) must be present at the time the pull-in area is chosen.
  4. The area must be designated as a pull area by Residential Life

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What Rooms will be available?

A common question that returning students ask is “What rooms will I be able to select from?” The answer is complicated. Unlike the Spring Lottery Process, where nearly every room on campus is an option at the start of the lottery, the Mid-Year Lottery only includes vacant rooms, and anticipated vacancies.

A vacant room is any room, or space that is currently empty on campus.

An anticipated vacancy is any room or space that, according to our records, will become available when the current resident moves out at the end of the fall semester.

As you are planning your preferences for the lottery you should consider what types of rooms may be vacated. While there are generally a small number of available spaces on campus during the Fall Semester they are rarely, if ever, in highly sought after areas, as there are students currently on campus looking for room changes who often fill up these spots.

Therefore the vast majority of rooms you will be selecting from will be rooms that will be vacated because the current resident is planning to take a leave of absence for the spring semester. Most, if not all, of the students planning to take a leave in the spring are those students who have plans to study abroad. This means that they are members of the junior class, and their rooms are spaces that were selected by juniors in the spring lottery. For this reason it is very rare for spaces that typically go to seniors to be available in the mid-year lottery (i.e. Ferguson, Eells, etc.). All other rooms will be posted the evening of the lottery.

***Please note that if the room you select is an anticipated vacancy, and the current resident cancels their plan to take a leave during the Spring, they will retain their space in that room, and you will need to select again from the list of rooms that are available at the time that their leave was cancelled.

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Meal Plans

  • Sophomores will be assigned to the 21 meal plan.
  • Juniors and seniors may select either the 14 or 21 meal plan. 
  • Only students (regardless of class year) living in Anderson Road Apartments, Griffin Road Apartments, Bundy Apartments, Farmhouse Apartments, Kirkland 4th Floor Loft Apartments, Saunders House, Morris House Apartments and faculty apartments in Minor, Milbank, McIntosh, Keehn, and Root have the option to select the 7 meal plan, in addition to the  14, or 21 meal plans.
  • Students living in Rogers and Woollcott will be assigned a special meal plan for that living area.
  • All students MUST be on a meal plan.
  • The 7 meal plan includes any 7 meals per week (see above list).
  • The 14 meal plan includes any combination of 14 meals per week
  • The 21 meal plan includes unlimited meals available to any student.

The prices listed below are the costs PER SEMESETER for the CURRENT academic year.

  • 7 meal plan ($1,485)
  • 14 meal plan ($2,695)
  • 21 meal plan ($2,850)

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Lottery Numbers


All housing lottery numbers are randomly generated through a computer program. These numbers are organized by class year with seniors being given the first set of numbers, juniors being given the second set, and sophomores being given the third set. Please understand that the computer assigns you a lottery number based on the class year that has been determined by the Office of the Registrar.  These numbers will be posted at the lottery in the Hub on December 2, 2015. We will not give out your lottery number prior to this date or time, nor will we give you your number over the phone or email. 


If you are a student who has acquired 6 or more judicial points, 50 lottery points will be added to your random lottery number and you are not eligible to be pulled or pre-assigned into someone else’s space.

If you have been found responsible for lottery manipulation, 150 points will be added to your random lottery number and you are not eligible to be pulled into someone else’s space. These penalties apply to the sub-free, co-op, and off campus housing lotteries as well.
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Important Information


First year buildings are Keehn, Major, North, Wallace Johnson, Wertimer, Dunham (basement, 1st and 2nd floors) and South (3rd and 4th floors).  January Admits will be placed in vacant first year spaces and specifically designated rooms on the 3rd floor of Dunham.


The Housing Agreement is on the Student Handbook site. Each student is expected to be aware of and abide by the guidelines expressed in the Housing Agreement. Anyone who chooses to live in specialty housing will be required to abide by the rules and regulations outlined for that area in the Residential Life Policies and Procedures section of the Student Handbook.



Students are permitted to live with any other student regardless of biological sex, gender identity and/or expression, except on floors designated as single gender.  On floors designated as single gender, students must identify as sharing the designated gender of that floor.

Questions about single gender areas are welcomed and can be answered by the Office of Residential Life.  Requests for specific arrangements under this policy should be made at least two weeks before the applicable housing lottery.


Any attempts to manipulate the housing lottery process and/or change room assignments during or after the housing lottery is a serious policy violation.  The consequences for making an unapproved room change at any point will include one or more of the following: moving back to your original assigned room, being penalized in a future housing lottery, and being subject to judicial action. 

If someone pulls another student (or students) with the knowledge or intention to stay on leave in the spring (study abroad, transfer, etc.), the case will be reviewed and your status in future housing lotteries may be jeopardized. WHEN YOU SELECT A ROOM IN THE LOTTERY PROCESS, YOU HAVE COMMITTED TO THAT ROOM FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER.


If you select a room in a housing lottery and then decide at some point that you are not returning to campus, the space you selected will be given to another student without housing. In many cases we are unable to notify the other occupants of the room or suite before the room assignment is made.

IMPORTANT: Do not select a room in the housing lottery process if you are not planning to return to campus for the spring.
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We highly recommend that you view the Residential Life website for more detailed information on all housing options available on campus. This resource includes a campus map with each residence hall or house on campus, a color photo of each facility, a brief description, and a basic floor plan. This information will be very helpful for you as you determine the places where you would like to live next year.

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