Residential Life

Residential Life

Residential Life Mission

The mission of the Office of Residential Life is to facilitate the personal, social, and academic growth of students by integrating the goals of liberal education in a community living environment. In order to foster student learning, residence hall living should:

1. Support the educational mission of the college through integration of in-class and out-of-class experiences. Residence halls should be places for people to come together for educational reasons;
2. Provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves and each other in an atmosphere of respect and appreciation of differences;
3. Allow equal access to all programs and facilities within each class year;
4. Recognize and address the developmental issues facing students at different times during their college years;
5. Meet basic safety and security needs in comfortable living areas conducive to sleep and study;
6. Foster ownership and accountability of student actions by students through a system of self governance.