Employee Spotlight

April 2010

Abby Morton, Senior Acquisitions Assistant, Burke Library

How does 5 years turn into 44? Just ask Abby Morton. Back in 1965, her mother was working in the library when a position opened in Acquisitions. She suggested to her daughter that she apply. Abby agreed with the idea that she would stay just a few years, but she has been here ever since! Abby has worked in the same position over the years, although there have been many title changes, and she has worked with three library directors.

Abby's responsibilities are many — processing rush requests/orders, processing invoices, ordering videos and CDs for the video and music libraries, meeting with faculty members and sales representatives, and answering phone calls. Meeting the students and watching them progress through Hamilton, having stability in her position and working with colleagues who make the library a "family-like" atmosphere are among the numerous reasons why Abby loves Hamilton.

Life off the Hill for Abby means attending Sprint car races with her husband Mort (yes, Mort of the Mail Center — they've been married for 38 years); going to Scottish games and listening to the bagpipers; working on a cross-stitch piece; attending hockey games; and reading (she is currently reading Shinju by Laura Joh Rowland). Abby enjoys reading so much that you might even catch her with a book at a hockey game reading between periods!

When asked to complete the following sentence: "If I weren't at Hamilton, I'd be…," she replied, "working in a forensics lab." But her colleagues in the library and throughout campus are certainly glad she chose a career here at Hamilton!