Employee Spotlight

July 2010

Terri Cronin, Secretary to the Office of the President

Terri Cronin, secretary in the Office of the President, is poised and professional, but she's also persistent. Several years before she came to Hamilton, she made it her goal to work here. Employed locally, Terri learned about Hamilton from work-related contacts with a former Hamilton employee and with current employees Cathy Brown and Betty House. She also got to know the College when her daughters attended summer camps on campus. After applying for several other positions, Terri finally landed her current job in September 2007. "I knew I needed to be here," she says.

In describing her routine and responsibilities, Terri says, "Every day is different." She manages President Joan Stewart's calendar, makes her travel arrangements and keeps track of related expenses. In addition she shares responsibility with Sue Campanie, events administrator, for supporting Meredith Harper Bonham, chief of staff and secretary to the Board of Trustees. Four times a year Terri assembles materials for the trustees in preparation for their quarterly meetings. She also has duties related to Class & Charter Day and Commencement.

Terri interacts with a lot of people in her position and appreciates how well everyone in the President's Office works together. "It's stress-free," she says. "There's no chaos." One challenge, however, is scheduling meetings. Finding one time when several busy people are all free takes work, and she's come to depend on Doodle, the online scheduling tool, which she says helps take some of the guesswork out of scheduling.

Terri lives in Chadwicks and has two daughters: Cheney, 22, is in school in Albany, and Chelsea, 19, is in Charlotte, N.C. She considers the local area a wonderful place to have raised and educated her children. When the weather is nice, Terri usually can be found gardening on her 1.2-acre property. She tried vegetable gardening but now concentrates on flowers, including perennials. In the winter she likes to do crafts. Terri also enjoys traveling — especially Caribbean cruises and visits to her family in Georgia — and boating locally and up north.

Despite her busy schedule, Terri waitresses at Joan's Diner in Chadwicks on Sundays. She's done it since she moved to the area more than 20 years ago and enjoys the rapport with the regular customers. One last activity that occupies her time these days is serving Grand Jury duty a few days a week during July and August. Terri volunteered to be the secretary, and she sits at her own desk at the center of the courtroom and swears in everyone who will testify. She's glad she volunteered for this role; it puts her right in the middle of things. "It's a great experience," she says.

If she hadn't been successful in her pursuit of a job at Hamilton, Terri might have relocated to Georgia when her daughters graduated from Sauquoit Valley Central School. That was always her plan, but, she says, "This great job keeps me here. I just love it. I feel like I won the lottery."

Many here at Hamilton are glad that she feels this way. If you haven't met Terri, stop by the President's Office — or Joan's Diner on Sundays!