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Academic Policies and Regulations

Off-Campus Study

Hamilton-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

The Academic Year in Spain, the Associated Colleges in China and the Junior Year in France programs are distinguished for their thorough preparation and total immersion of students in the language, history and culture of those countries.

Academic Year in Spain

Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain has enjoyed a long and solid association with Swarthmore and Williams, has recently signed a new affiliation with Princeton, and also benefits from students and visiting faculty members from Amherst, Bates, Bryn Mawr, Brown, Bucknell, Carleton, Claremont McKenna, Colby, Grinnell, Harvard, Scripps, Stanford, Washington & Lee and Yale. The program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who wish to pursue studies in Spanish culture, language and literature. Hamilton's own Centro Universitario de Estudios Hispánicos is located in the heart of the Ciudad Universitaria in Madrid, so that students may enroll in one course per semester in the fine arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences at Hamilton's Spanish affiliate, the Universidad de San Pablo. To be admitted, students must demonstrate a strong academic record and a solid knowledge of Spanish. Students may be admitted for one term, but they are encouraged to spend one full academic year in Spain. Each term begins with a 10-day orientation trip, including four days of classes at a beachside village.

Associated Colleges in China

The Associated Colleges in China Program is both sponsored and administered by Hamilton College in collaboration with Bowdoin, Oberlin, Swarthmore and Williams colleges and Lawrence University. It offers students the opportunity to pursue the intensive study of Chinese in Beijing, China. The Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing is the host institution. Open to academically successful students who have completed at least one, but preferably two, years of study in Chinese, the program has a summer, a fall and a spring session. A combination of two semesters is recommended.

Junior Year in France

The Hamilton Junior Year in France celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007 and is one of the oldest U.S. academic programs in France. It is a year-long program designed for students in good standing at the intermediate or higher level in French, and is coordinated and supervised by a faculty member of the French Department. The HCJYF is open to majors in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and sciences, not just French concentrators. While on the HCJYF, students choose courses according to their level that support their majors. They make their selection among in-house courses organized by the program and courses at a variety of Paris institutions of higher education such as the Université de Paris III, the Institut Catholique, the Université de Paris VI, the Ecole du Louvre and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques. The program also includes field trips and cultural activities. Home stays and a French-only pledge ensure that students receive the best possible immersion experience. Hamilton students are joined by students from Amherst, Bates, Bowdoin, Colby, Grinnell, Scripps and Williams.

Students who intend to apply to the programs in China, France or Spain should pursue study in the relevant language and consult with a member of the departments of East Asian Languages and Literatures, French or Hispanic Studies. Applications are available through the Programs Abroad Office or the Associated Colleges in China Office.

Hamilton-Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

Classical Studies in Greece and Rome

Hamilton is an institutional member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy (the Centro) through the Empire State Consortium, and of the American School for Classical Studies in Athens, Greece.

The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome is open to students who have been trained in Latin or Greek. The one-semester program is offered during the fall and the spring. The center provides an opportunity to study Greek and Latin literature, ancient history and archaeology, and ancient art in Rome. The Duke University Foreign Academic Programs administers the center, and the faculty is chosen from among college and university teachers in the United States and Canada. The language of instruction is English.

The American School of Classical Studies in Athens operates summer programs that are open to undergraduates, graduate students, and high school and college teachers. There are two six-week summer sessions that focus on the topography and antiquities of Greece. Scholarships are available. Students interested in the programs in Greece or Rome should contact the chair of the Classics Department.

Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies

The Geosciences Department encourages students to consider enrolling at the University of Tasmania (Australia), where Hamilton has a cooperative agreement with the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies. Hamilton is officially a member of the International Antarctic Institute. For additional information, contact Professor Eugene Domack in the Geosciences Department.

New York State Independent College Consortium for Study in India

Hamilton is a member of the New York State Independent College Consortium for Study in India, which offers a rich and rigorous semester-long program each fall designed to introduce students to the geographic and cultural diversity of northern India. Students spend significant time living in Delhi, Mussoorie, Jaipur and Varanasi, in addition to making shorter trips to such cities as Amritsar, Agra and Sarnath. The program offers study of elementary Hindi, historical and contemporary India and an independent field study project that students design themselves. Courses introduce students to a variety of disciplines including anthropology, art history, history, literature, political science, religion and sociology. The program is directed each year by a faculty member from one of the colleges in the consortium. Joining Hamilton are Hartwick College, Hobart and William Smith colleges and St. Lawrence University.

The Swedish Program at Stockholm University

Hamilton is a consortium member of the Swedish program that enables students to enroll at Stockholm University and take courses in English with Swedish and other international students. Course offerings are diverse. Living arrangements are with host families or in the university dormitory. Participation is either for one semester or the full academic year. For information, contact info@swedishprogram.org.

Hamilton-Sponsored Off-Campus Study in the United States

Hamilton Program in New York City

Through internships, independent projects and coursework, this program gives participants an understanding of global politics, economics and culture while living in a global city. Each semester a Hamilton faculty director designates a theme that provides a focus for integrating each student's internship and independent study into classroom learning. The program selects motivated, mature students who are willing to share their internship experiences and independent projects with each other.

The fall semester is open to juniors and seniors; the spring semester to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Criteria for rolling admission include an interview, two references, a transcript and course prerequisites chosen by the faculty director for that semester. Participants receive one to two courses of concentration credit in the director's academic department or program. Special arrangements may be made to receive one course credit in a cooperating department.

A participant is eligible for the Dean's List if she or he earns a grade point average of at least 90 in the three graded courses and completes the required internship with work evaluated by the director as "excellent."

Hamilton College Program in Washington, D. C.

Hamilton offers a program in Washington, D.C. In the fall, the program is open to qualified juniors and seniors; in the spring, it is open to qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors. The program is directed by a resident member of the Government Department. It consists of internships in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government that are integrated with coursework involving research and writing. The term is designed for students who have demonstrated the ability to work independently and who have interest in the problems of government and public affairs. The program is not restricted to those concentrating in government, and it is open to select students from other colleges.

A Hamilton student who participates in the program will be appointed to the Dean's List if that student earns a grade point average of 90 or higher in the three conventionally graded courses in the program and completes the required internship with work evaluated as "excellent" by the director.

The New England Center for Children Cooperative Learning Program

Hamilton students (usually juniors) who are interested in applied psychology and the education of children with special needs may spend a semester at the New England Center for Children. NECC conducts a nationally recognized program of intensive intervention using the methods of applied behavior analysis. The facility, located near Boston, offers Hamilton students a semester's academic credit for study and practical work with children with autism. Interested students should consult with the chair of the Department of Psychology.

Hamilton Cooperative and Affiliated Programs

Hamilton has established cooperative arrangements with several institutions to expand educational opportunities for students. Several instances are described below. Students enrolled in cooperative programs receive a Hamilton degree only upon demonstrating to the department in which they concentrate that they have fulfilled concentration requirements and have satisfied the goals of the College. If the concentration requirements have not been met by the end of the junior year, they may, with the approval of the department, be completed at the cooperative institution.

American Council of Teachers of Russian Undergraduate Program

Hamilton has been designated as a host institution for students from the Russian Federation and other nations of the former Soviet Union. Each academic year, one or more Russian students will have the opportunity to study at Hamilton. In the past the College has hosted students from Kazan, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Alma-Aty, Everan and numerous other cities in the New Independent States (NIS). The program is funded by the United States Information Agency and the governments of the NIS.

Assurance of Admission: Master of Arts in Teaching

As a result of an agreement with Union College, well qualified Hamilton students can gain assurance of admission to Union College's Master of Arts in Teaching Program. The M.A.T. degree will normally require two summers and one academic year in residence at Union College, and carries with it secondary school teaching certification. Students interested in pursuing this option should contact Susan Mason, chair of the Education Studies Program Committee, preferably no later than the fall semester of their junior year.

Cooperative Engineering Program

Liberal arts-engineering (3-2) plans are in effect with Columbia University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Washington University in St. Louis, whereby the student spends three years at Hamilton and then two years at the cooperating engineering school. At the end of this period, the student earns an A.B. from Hamilton and a B.S. from the engineering school. Hamilton also offers access to a combined plan at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. This program is on a 2-1-1-1 schedule. The student completes two years at Hamilton, the junior year as a visiting student at Dartmouth and returns to Hamilton to complete the senior year and to earn the A.B. The student then returns to Dartmouth to finish the second year of engineering studies and to receive a degree in engineering. Admission to these programs in the traditional divisions of chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, and now many others such as biomedical, computer and environmental engineering, is based on obtaining a G.P.A. of 3.0, or a B average, and the positive recommendation of the Department of Physics. Various 4-2 plans lead to different degree options. For details, consult with the engineering advisor, Professor Peter Millet, in the Department of Physics.

Cooperative Law Program

The Hamilton cooperative law program permits highly qualified students to enter the Columbia University School of Law after completion of their junior year. The program in Accelerated Interdisciplinary Legal Education permits these students to earn both the Hamilton baccalaureate degree and the Columbia juris doctor degree after three years of study at each institution. Interested students should consult either Douglas Ambrose in the Department of History or Jeannine Murtaugh in the Career Center no later than the first semester of their junior year.

Direct Admission MBA Program

Under a direct admission agreement with the William E. Simon School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester, Hamilton will recommend students who are especially well prepared to proceed directly to the MBA program upon earning their undergraduate degree. Drawing on the College's recommendations, the Simon School will select candidates, preferably by the end of their Hamilton junior year, who have demonstrated above average maturity and strong academic preparation, regardless of undergraduate major. The Simon School will evaluate candidates through a priority interview with a Simon School graduate or a member of the admissions committee. The application fee will be waived. Hamilton students admitted to the Simon School by direct admission should complete business-related summer internships or work experience, or both, during their undergraduate years. The Simon School will provide counseling and support to identify pre-MBA internships and offers merit-based support. For more information about direct admission with the Simon School, see James Bradfield in the Economics Department.

Early Assurance Program in Medicine

A handful of medical schools in New York State allow highly qualified students to submit an application after their sophomore year, gaining assurance of a place in a specific medical school after they graduate from Hamilton. In recent years, Hamilton students have submitted early assurance applications to Albany Medical College, University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Upstate Medical University College of Medicine. Students who intend to apply through the early assurance program complete six of the eight semesters of required science courses by the end of the sophomore year and submit a record of strong standardized testing from high school in lieu of the MCAT. The early assurance option is intended for students who have thoroughly explored their career choices and whose undergraduate plans include foreign study or other educational opportunities that will enhance personal development but preclude the more typical premedical calendar. Although the early assurance program may reduce the pressure that premedical students sometimes experience, its primary purpose is to allow students to access the wide-ranging educational opportunities offered by Hamilton. Additional information may be obtained from Leslie North, health professions advisor.

MBL Semester in Environmental Science

Hamilton is an affiliated institution with the Semester in Environmental Science of the Marine Biological Laboratory Ecosystem Center in Woods Hole. Participants engage in a 14-week program of rigorous field and laboratory work, lectures and independent research in environmental and ecosystem science. For additional information, contact Todd Rayne in the Environmental Studies Program.

SEA Education Association

Hamilton is an affiliated institution of the SEA semester program in Woods Hole, Mass. The shore component includes courses in oceanography, nautical science and maritime studies. The sea component includes six weeks aboard ship learning skills and conducting research. A student may receive a maximum of four Hamilton units of transferred credit for participation in the SEA program. Each award is conditional on the student's earning a grade of C or higher. For further information, contact the associate dean of students for off-campus/international study.

Study at Neighboring Institutions

With appropriate approval (see "Transfer of Credit" under "Academic Regulations"), a Hamilton student may take coursework toward the baccalaureate degree at neighboring institutions during the fall and spring semesters. In recent years students have enrolled at Colgate University and Utica College. Usually one course is taken at a neighboring institution while the rest of the work is done at Hamilton.