Student Research


The Emerson Foundation Grant Program

2013 Emerson Grant Recipients

Ivy Akumu '15
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Africana Studies Nigel Westmaas
Demystifying African Religion

James Anesta '14
Advisor: Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate
Portrayals of the Afterlife in Popular Culture

Katherine Bickmore '15
Advisor: Katharine Kuharic, the Kevin W. Kennedy Professor of Art
The Degeneration, Deterioration, and Decay of Society: A Critique of the Representation of the Femme Fatale in Art

Nate Goebel '15
Advisor: Carole Bellini-Sharp, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Theatre
Apocalypse at Dinner: A Creative-Minded Study of Anton Chekhov's Craft

Austin Heath '15
Advisor: Richard Werner, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy
Grasping Infinity: Philosophical, Mathematical, and Spiritual Conceptions of Boundlessness

Jorett Joseph '15
Advisor: Professor of Classics and Africana Studies Shelley Haley
Justice Through Love: Community Building Efforts of Black Women

Elizabeth Kelly '14
Advisor: Lecturer in Economics Nesecan Balkan
The Seeds of Independence - Food Security and Risk Aversion in El Salvador

Crystal Kim '15
Advisor: Director of the Education Studies Program Susan Mason
The Korean Fever for Education: An Examination of Cultural Transmittance and Social Inequality

Nathaniel Lanman '15
Advisor: Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Andrew Holland
Bricks: An Intersection of Community and Architecture

Mackenzie Leavenworth '15
Advisor: John McEnroe, the John and Anne Fischer Professor in Fine Arts
Rewriting the Past: Excavation Project in Gournia

Nathan Livingston '14
Advisor: Professor of Music Lydia Hamessley
Performing the Poetics of Music

Joseph Michaels '14
Advisor: Professor of English and Creative Writing Vincent Odamtten
McElroy Sentence Questioned: Gender and Cosmic Generosity in the Work of Joseph McElroy

Grace Parker-Zielinski '14
Advisor: Margaret Thickstun, the  Jane Watson Irwin Professor of English and Creative Writing
Anthologies and the Revision of the Literary Canon

Deanna Perez '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh
The Life of a Book: From the Bindery to the Pedestal

Malcolm Phelan '15
Advisor: Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Identifying Operational Barriers to Prehospital Trauma Systems in Developing Countries

Sarah Sgro '14 
Advisor: Associate Professor of English Tina Hall
Family Gone Bizarre: The Domestic Grotesque in Contemporary Fiction and Poetry

Andrew Schnacky '14
Advisor: Professor of Philosophy Marianne Janack
A Philosophical Approach to the Work of David Foster Wallace

Sean Smith '15
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Art Robert Knight
Art Is...: Re-examining Black Art in America

Turner Trapp '15
Advisor: Professor of History Kevin Grant
The Discovery ofLogarithms, Their Application to Ballistics, and Their Role in the Royal Navy's Rise to Dominance in the Age of Sail

Wynn Van Dusen '15
Advisor: Carole Bellini-Sharp, the Margaret Bundy Scott Professor of Theatre
Remembering "The City that God Forgot": A Study of Pop Culture and Art in Utica, Post World War II

Kina Viola '14
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus
Mapping the Labyrinth: A Study of Infinity Through Mixed-Genre Creative Writing

Ricardo Welch '14
Advisor: Professor of Music Michael Woods
Dear Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop's Portrayal of the African American Male Figure

John Wildman '15 
Advisor: Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Overcoming Operational Barriers to Prehospital Trauma Systems in Developing Countries

Melissa Yang '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of East Asian Language and Literatures Masaaki Kamiya
Idiosyncracies of the Chinese and Japanese Language in Comparison to the English Language in Conversation

Claire Zurlo '14
Advisor: Associate Professor of Government Peter Cannavo
What Would Jefferson Do? The Jeffersonian Ideal and Modern Day Environmental Policy