Student Research


Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award

The Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award will fund up to 12 female scientists each summer over the course of three years as Clare Boothe Luce Scholars in the fields of computer science, physics and chemistry.

2013 Recipients of the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award

Sky Aulita ’15 and Kristina Choinski ’15
Advisor: Robin Kinnel, the Silas D. Childs Professor of Chemistry Emeritus
Synthesis of Anticancer Compounds Related to Hemiasterlin

McKinley Brumback ’14
Advisors: Associate Professor of Physics Brian Collett and Professor of Physics Gordon Jones
Building a Rb Optical Pumping System

Lisbeth DaBramo ’15
Advisor: Professor of Chemistry Tim Elgren
Quantifying Exposures to Bis-Phenol A

Katherine Droppa ’16 and Margaret Coleman ’16
Advisor: Associate Professor of Computer Science Alistair Campbell
Development of problem corpus for introductory computer science

Rachel Friedman ’15
Advisor: Stuart Hirshfield, the Stephen Harper Kirner Professor of Computer Science
Brain-Computer Interaction Techniques Applied to Human-Computer

Leah Krause ’14
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Chemistry Adam Van Wynsberghe
Investigations of Oseltamivir-Neuraminidase binding pathways

Clare O’Grady ’14
Advisor: Assistant Professor of Chemistry Adam Van Wynsberghe
Development of a molecular docking exercise to elucidate principles of biophysical chemistry in the general chemistry laboratory

Catherine Oglevee ’15
Advisor: Professor of Chemistry Karen Brewer
Incorporation of Europium and Terbium Antenna Chelated Complexes into Silica Sol-Gel Glasses

Katie Pierce ’14
Advisor: Professor of Physics Ann Silversmith
Tb-Tb energy transfer rates in garnets: YAG, YGG, GGG

Grace Williams-DuHamel ’15
Advisor: Professor of Physics Seth Major
On the consistency of extensions to special relativity