Student Employment Office


How to Initiate a Job Search and Hire a Student

  • If you have already sent the student employment office a job description(s), please email employme@hamilton.edu and specify which position you need filled and when you need it filled by.
  • The student employment office will activate the job description on HamNET and students will be able to apply  online.
  • If you have not sent the student employment office a job description or would like to create a brand new job, please create a job title and job description including any requirements for the job i.e. hours available, preferred class year, or necessary skills or experience. Send this job description to employme@hamilton.edu along with the date you would like to have a student hired by.
  • Hiring supervisors or students may contact the Student Employment Office, employme@hamilton.edu with any questions or to set up a meeting


How to Hire a Student

Please follow the Student Worker Hiring Process to verify the appropriate forms are completed and submitted.