Student Employment Office


Student Worker Hiring Process

The following outline is provided to assist you in navigating the paperwork required by federal and state laws, as well as College policy, when hiring a Hamilton or non-Hamilton student.

- Employment Authorization (student completes top section, supervisor completes bottom)

- W-4, Federal withholding

- IT-2104, NYS withholding (must be completed by all employees, regardless of home state or country).

- I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

- Direct Deposit Authorization (required for all students who have not worked on campus before)

- Background Information Release Authorization (for new, non-Hamilton employees)

  • Student returns all forms to supervisor along with original documents required for I-9.
  • Student must provide a valid social security number and Payroll would like to have a copy of the social security card (even if it is not used for I-9 documentation) to assure accurate reporting of earnings to the IRS and New York State.
  • International students should only return to the supervisor the Employment Authorization Form, I-9 Form, Direct Deposit Authorization and Release of Information Authorization (if applicable). The W-4 and IT-2104 will be completed for them using a new software program that manages the taxation of foreign students, employees, etc. They must contact Erika in the Business Office (ext. 4376) or Mike in Human Resources (ext. 4688) for access to the new software.
  • Supervisor completes authorization form: department name, budget line, pay rate, effective dates of assignment, signature and date. Students should be paid an hourly rate for all jobs on campus, not lump sums.
  • Supervisor completes Section 2 of I-9: review original ID documents for I-9, make copies of documents and attach to I-9, complete certification (including hire date in middle of paragraph) and signature/print name/title/date.
  • Submit all completed paperwork to Human Resources no later than the day the student begins work.

If you have any questions, please contact
Mike Thayer (x4688, mtthayer@hamilton.edu)

Thank you!

International students

In order to ensure earnings are taxed correctly, international students must e-mail their first, middle and last name, Hamilton ID number and e-mail address to emumford@hamilton.edu or mtthayer@hamilton.edu before beginning any job on campus.