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Multimedia Nursery Rhyme Interpretation Project Overview

Description and Resources


Course Name:
ITSST Intern Staff Training Project, 2009

Course Description:
ITSST Interns are students who have more advanced computer skills and are able to provide a higher level of service to the College (faculty, students, etc.). These students assist the College in providing needed skills while they gain high level hands-on experience to add to their resume. The ITSST Intern Staff act as para-professionals and assist the professional staff members in providing instructional technology support to the campus community through the Multimedia Presentation Center.

Project Description:
Each intern chose a children's nursery rhyme and interpreted it using the medium(s), software and technology of their choice. Literal and/or abstract interpretations were acceptable. Interns worked individually and no 2 people could choose the same nursery rhyme. Interns could use video, audio, animation, still graphics, etc; or some combination of to create their project. All resources/media needed to be original or copyright free (royalty-free or in the public domain). For the second part of the project, interns worked collaboratively to create a cohesive, unified presentation of the projects. The final presentation format would be dependent on the medium of the individual projects. The presentation could be a DVD, printed booklet, webpage, etc. The interns gave a formal presentation of the projects to professional staff members during the second week of the semester.

» Educational Technologist Jim LaVere
» Educational Technologist Krista Siniscarco

Completed Student Projects

Multimedia Nursery Rhyme Showcase Website - Created Spring, 2009

Goals, Process and Outcomes

Project Goals:
  • Use various forms of media as tools for communicating ideas.
  • Become familiar with the resources available through the MPC and how they can be used.
  • Gain a better understanding of the process students, that the interns will be supporting, go through when completing projects for courses.
  • Develop communication and project management skills.
  • Work collaboratively with other team members.

Project Process:
The students had most of the technical skills required to start the projects. What they did not know they learned from each other, online tutorials, the professional staff and other various resources. The interns had one dedicated week to storyboard and create a first draft of their individual projects. At various points in the week there were checkpoints and opportunities for formal and informal feedback from each other and professional staff. The interns then had an additional three weeks to finalize their individual projects and create the final presentation; a webpage presented to the professional staff members.

Learning Outcomes:
Each student created a time-based or still graphic interpretation of a classic nursery rhyme. The individual projects were they presented in a cohesive website that included information about the nursery rhyme origin and personal statements about the works and the project as a whole.