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Actuality Videos Project Overview

Description and Resources


Course Name:
Art of Cinema

Course Description:
300S The Art of the Cinema. Classic foreign and American films from the silent days to the present for viewing and analysis. Discussion of historical, aesthetic and theoretical questions. Primary focus on how films communicate visually. Three hours of class and screenings of two films a week. Open to juniors and seniors only. May be used as an elective for the concentrations in English and creative writing. (Same as Comparative Literature 300.) P O’Neill.

Project Description:
  • A one minute edit through the camera silent video.
  • Film skill building assignment.

» Professor Patricia O'Neill

This project is in the following groups:
» Video Assignments in Art of Cinema

Completed Student Projects

The Trouble with Snow by Lois Bryan - Created Spring, 2005

Barbershop by Charles Vick - Created Spring, 2005

Goals, Process and Outcomes

Project Goals:

Skill building project to familarize students with the use of digital video cameras.

Also an attempt to recreate the experiences of early filmakers by requiring that the video be silent with no post-production editing.

Faculty Interview: Project Goals

Learning Objectives:
  • Demonstration of camera use.
  • Demonstration of understanding of early filmmaking techniques and process.

Project Process:

Screenings of early films, lectures on cultural and historical impact on film and filmmaking.

Learning Outcomes:
  • A one minute edit through the camera silent video.
  • Film skill building assignment.