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Best Practices Showcase - Project Details - Hamilton College


Technology in Teaching Showcase

Collaborative Technology-Based Projects at Hamilton College

Edward Root as Teacher Electronic Media Gallery Tour Project Overview

Description and Resources

Edward Root as Teacher Electronic Media Gallery Tour

Course Name:
Art and Interpretation: The Genesis of an Exhibition

Course Description:
This seminar examines the teaching and collecting philosophy of Edward W. Root, Class of 1905 that will be the theme of a major exhibition, entitled The Best Kind of Life: Edward W. Root as Teacher, Collector, and Naturalist, presented at the Emerson Gallery in 2007 in collaboration with the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. It is an opportunity for students to participate in the early planning and conceptual design stages of a museum exhibition. It will include readings in studio art and theory, art history, museum studies, and local history, and will possibly include field trips. The final project will employ the digital platform to create a web-based presentation that will combine image and text. Each student will be responsible for interpreting one work of art using the didactic model developed by Edward W. Root. The web-based presentation may provide the student-generated component for the larger body of didactic material for the 2007 exhibition.

Project Description:
Students will create a website and enhanced podcasts as their final project for the Spring 2007 Sophmore Seminar entitled "Art and Interpretation: The Genesis of an Exhibition."

» Professor William Salzillo
» Gallery Curator Susanna White

GarageBand and iWeb will be used to create the podcasts and website. Audio tours will be played on 80gb video iPods. Collaboration includes the following Hamilton College departments:
  1. The Emerson Gallery
  2. The Hamilton Library
  3. Oral Communications
  4. The Writing Center
  5. Instructional Technology Support

Packaged Resources:
» Download

Completed Student Projects

Exhibit Item Descriptive Podcasts - Created Spring, 2007

Goals, Process and Outcomes

Project Goals:
The overall educational goals are for students to learn the fundamentals of exhibition planning, art interpretation, and how to converse about art.

Faculty Interview: Project Goals

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this course project, students should be able to:

  1. Understand exhibition planning
  2. Understand presentation
  3. Verbally articulate what they are thinking and feeling when they experience a work of art
  4. Translate visual observations into written word
  5. Understand the social history and art history background of the works they are covering
  6. Articulate the intent of the artist (what is the artist trying to convey)
  7. Perform an analysis of the works. Break them into component parts and then bring the parts back together
  8. Create and convey an accurate interpretation of the art
  9. Use the selected technologies to accomplish their communication goals