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Self-Selected Clip with Voice-over Analysis Project Overview

Description and Resources


Course Name:
Jazz, Jezebels and Gigolos: The 1920s in Berlin and New York

Course Description:
Gain general knowledge of early 20th century German and American culture and history through a variety of materials: literature, journalism, feature films, paintings, musicals.

Project Description:
Assignment 2: On your own, select one clip from any of the films viewed in class. Create and submit a voice over commentary of the selected clip through the assignment feature in Blackboard.

» Mihaela Petrescu

This project is in the following groups:
» Multimedia Assignments in 1920s Berlin & New York

Completed Student Projects

Lauren Perillo Self-Selected Clip - Created Spring, 2008

Kelsey Rice's Voice-over Analysis - Created Spring, 2008

Goals, Process and Outcomes