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Artifacts for Close Reading

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Close Reading

Created: Spring, 2006

Description: Students will conduct background research on the context and significance of an image or artifact related to their theme. The students will create posters about the artifacts with 3 or 4 detailed comments on the item and its historical context, as well as a brief background statement.

The following artifacts were created as part of the Aspen Magazine Project course project.


Going Furthur: On the Acid Trip
A close reading of the bus "Furthur" and the cross-country trip of Ken Kesey and his band of "Mary Pranksters".

Kapow: Comix and Comics
A close reading of underground comics and comic book culture in the 1960s.

Led Zeppelen Album
A close reading of the icons and artwork on cover of the first (self-titled) Led Zeppelen album released in 1969.

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