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Artifacts for The Medium is the Message

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The Medium is the Message

Created: Spring, 2006

Description: Students will manipulate image and text based on the Marshall McLuhan concepts of “hot and cold media” or the role of the press in American life (then and now!)

The following artifacts were created as part of the Aspen Magazine Project course project.


Change the Channel
An interactive object where the viewer can change the image and text that appear on the television screen. Two versions; one of imagery from 1968 and one from present day.

Bart's Education
Image of Bart Simpson in a traditional classroom, writing out the lyrics to Pink Floyd's "Another Brink in the Wall" on the blackboard.

McLuhan's Soup Can
A visual play on Andy Warhol's "Campbel's Soup Cans" to included Marshall McLuhan's concepts of hot and cold media.

Sears Ad
Visual deconstruction of Sears newspaper advertisement and the "typical American family."

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