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Artifacts for Open Ended Project

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Open Ended Project

Created: Spring, 2006

Description: Students will have the opportunity to create their own project, employing original formats and in collaboration with other students. Projects can include video, audio, print, web, or other technologies.

The following artifacts were created as part of the Aspen Magazine Project course project.


A board game called "Hegemony" based on the game "Monopoly". Game pieces include an African American, a Hippie, a Gay Man and a Woman.

Resist Now
This student created a protest t-shirt. She asked various people around campus to try on the shirt. She took photographs and made an archive of their protests.

I Will Never Wear an Apron
This student wrote her project manifesto, entitled "I Will Never Wear an Apron" on a kitchen apron. She read the manifesto aloud and the final presentation and then burned the apron.

Free Speech: From Berkley to Hamilton
A short documentary comparing the student protests at Berkley in the 1960s to the resent controversy at Hamilton College with guest lecturer Ward Churchill. Video includes archive images of Berkley students, interviews with various members of the Hamilton Community and clips of the controversy in national news.

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