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Kirner-Johnson Atrium



Kirner-Johnson Building Addition and Renovation (2009)
highlights: Design & Environment
  • A 40-foot water feature in the commons creates a soothing cascade of water over four small waterfalls. The soft background noise creates a warm environment conducive to both studying and conversation.
  • Wood from the original KJ was used to construct planters for trees on the first floor. Brick floors on the first floor — which extend the outside design — use bricks from the original building as well.
  • The roof of the commons area is covered with solar panels, and the glass-enclosed space allows natural light to cascade down to the first floor.
  • Sensors detect the number of people in KJ and adjust fresh-air flow accordingly. In cold weather a heat recovery system preheats incoming air. Both systems are highly energy-efficient.

An interactive energy display on the second floor above the Commons area provides realtime information on building performance and renewable energy production.

KJ is the home to the College's social science departments as well as the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center, the Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center and the Oral Communication Center