Writing Center

The Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 152.

Writing Conference Evaluations, 2013-14

She was great! I had no clear idea about how to approach the topic, but she was able to help me formulate my ideas and get me on the right track. She was very friendly and professional, and listened to my concerns.

She didn’t just analyze my writing, she also asked larger questions about the prompt and my ideas.

He helped me further develop my thesis and topic sentences.  He pushed me to refine my ideas and encouraged me to reword/rework my thoughts.  He was a great listener.

She was very helpful in editing my draft.  She helped me to make sure that my paper was clear enough even to someone without a psychology background.  I was actively engaged.  She asked me to clarify my sentences and had me work to rewrite confusing sections.  She was a very thorough and clear tutor!

He was really helpful in getting the main structure of the paper to the forefront.

He helped me reformulate my paper so that my ideas were clearer and more interesting.  He listened to all my questions and worked through anything I was confused about.

My tutor was insightful, thorough, and very clear in how I could improve and edit my papers.  This was my first conference and it was great.  I will definitely come more often!

I was actively involved in the discussion, and she used what I said to construct her feedback.  I think I will do a lot better on the final paper because of this conference. Thank you!

Tutor is amazing! She really helped me organize the structure.

The WC is one of my favorite aspects of Hamilton. I learn solid methods for approaching and editing my work each time.

All my experiences have been great!

He was very prepared and had a clear plan of what he wanted to accomplish, yet he was flexible and listed to my personal concerns and questions.

My tutor was especially helpful in defining key terms in my paper while keeping the same structure.  He made sure that my main ideas always related back to my thesis.

The tutor provided a thoughtful analysis of my draft, supplying me with useful critique, which was exactly what I wanted.  I have yet to have an appointment that did not help me.

Tutor took special care to keep the odd nature of the assignment in mind.

My tutor was great. She listened and talked me through her interpretation of my paper, and we worked together to fix passive voice.

She was able to help me find what it was that I wanted to focus my essay on.

He was very helpful in finding solutions to thesis issues.  He wrote everything down, so I would remember what we discussed during the conference.

She really helped me restructure my paper so that my ideas and argument flowed naturally throughout my paper.  She helped me develop my ideas so that I could write a much stronger and persuasive essay.

She was great in helping me work through my frustrations with this paper and getting me started on an outline.

She was very thorough and critical, but still maintained respect for my ability and style as a writer.

Talking through my ideas helps me to clarify my arguments, and then the tutor helped me synthesize my thoughts into sentences.

An email sent to a tutor after a conference--
It was the easiest time I’ve ever had writing a full draft.  Thank you so much for the guidance!  The outline provided a lot of structure for the paper (structure I would have stayed up ‘til 4 am trying to find) and made the transition from outline to essay quick and painless.