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Experiential Learning & DHi

Collaborative research internships with faculty is the primary goal of all experiential learning/research opportunities for students in DHi. These undergraduate research experiences reinforce, extend, and deepen the classroom experience by integrating students into interdisciplinary humanities-based faculty research over extended periods.

There are two structures for students to enter research projects, as DHi Interns at any point in the year or as undergraduate scholars through our formal fellowship program. Culture, Liberal Arts, & Society Scholars program provides 15 months of dedicated time, expert consultants, and project development for research students with a faculty researcher.

DHi research models parallel the undergraduate research structures available for science undergraduates but do so with emphasis on interdisciplinary digital humanities methods. DHi research students make meaningful contributions to complicated research projects. In the process, they learn digital research methods and technologies and develop digital scholarship skills.

DHi Interns develop core areas of skill sets that originate from the needs of the DHi research project they are working on and then also learn across skill sets as research projects evolve over time. In the past seven years DHi research has integrated the following general research methods and skill sets: oral history, cataloging & metadata, multimedia documentary practices, text/image analysis & visualizations, 3D modelling & virtual realities, web development, and communication for scholarly publications, and social media. Through this process students develop digital fluencies that in addition to furthering the research project, also position the students for successful careers after Hamilton. Our recent graduates have obtained Fulbrights, interned at the British Museum, continued to graduate school (Oxford), and landed above entry level positions in corporations.


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