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Project Guidelines

  1. Must be digital humanities-based research question 
  2. Project scope must fit within DHi’s sustainable technology infrastructure - digital collections based in Institutional Repository and contextualized within our DHi multisite content management system. 
  3. Expect that projects will take 2 years to reach proof of concept stage 
    1. Within the 2-year timeframe, expect to write a grant proposal with our support to further project development 
    2. Emphasis on NEH grants for reviewer visibility 
  4. Research Project must be connected to the curriculum 
    1. Coursework, course assignment, independent project, CLASS project, etc. 
  5. Must have civic and/or public component 
  6. Project durations reevaluated at regular milestones (6 mo.) in consultation with DHi. 

Call for Proposals (CFP) and Submissions Schedule 

DHi will send a Fall & Spring CFP with two submission deadlines: Nov. 15 and Mar. 15. We encourage anyone who has a project idea or proposal in mind to contact DHi in advance of the deadline. We will work with you develop your proposal and explain connections to our requirements. Within 7 days of the submission deadlines, all applicants will be informed of their proposal status: Received, Accepted, Accepted with Revision, Denied (and why). 

  1. Project Title 
  2. Summary description, including scope and interdisciplinary relevance 
  3. Statement of connection to the curriculum 
    1. Does this project have immediate application in a course or assignment? 
    2. Is there a role for a student collaborator in this project? 
  4. Resources 
    1. Description of existing and desired resources 
    2. Is digitization of materials needed? 
    3. What digital research approaches are you considering? (e.g., oral histories, GIS, text analysis, etc.) 
    4. Will research findings and collection be public? 
    5. Names and institutions of potential collaborators 

Contact Information

Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi)

Hamilton College
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4125 315-859-4185 dhi@hamilton.edu
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