Slocan Narrows Archaeological Project

Slocan Narrows Archaeology Project (SNAP) is planned to be a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional archaeology, cultural heritage, and linguistics project with the focus of documenting an indigenous First Nations People who are unrecognized by the Canadian Government.

The project has the goal of documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Sinixt First Nation who despite their continued presence in the Pacific Northwest were pronounced extinct in 1956 by the Canadian Government. Documentation and preservation will be conducted through multimedia technology including film and audio recording of interviews and digitizing historical and ethnographic records.

Because the scope of the project spans from the archaeological past to contemporary issues facing the Sinixt Nation today, specialists in fields including, but not limited to, archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, documentary film making and visual anthropology will be incorporated into SNAP.

Contact Information

Nathan Goodale

Project Director

Project Team

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