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He was great in being efficient and clear, and he was honest about changes that needed to be made.  He listened very well to my questions.

He clearly was prepared to meet with me. We had time to go over my whole paper, and he helped me make sure that I understood his comments so I knew how to proceed when I revised. 

She helped me organize my paper, which is something I struggle with.  She asked questions about parts that didn’t make sense to her. This was probably my most productive Writing Center conference because, despite the fact that she didn’t really know anything about my subject, she was able to help me with making sure my ideas were clear. 

She not only helped me identify the problems, she worked with me to clarify my thesis and move parts around so they were arranged by argument rather than chronologically. …  I was an active member in the conference because she looked to me for the issues I felt were strongest in my paper.  When I revised the paper afterward, I was extremely satisfied with the result. 

I came to make sure I was making sense, and she pointed out areas where I was either being unnecessarily clear or forcing the reader to jump from point to point. It was very helpful to have a second pairs of eyes.  She was very good at helping me realize a better thesis for my paper.  She asked great questions to get me there and wasn’t very challenging of my point of view.  It was very helpful; SHE RULES. 

I want to comment on how impressed I was with the conference. My paper was fourteen pages long, and she had read the entire paper and fully annotated it before I arrived.  Her insights into the paper and ideas were incredibly helpful in restructuring the paper. 

He was thorough and critical.  Even though my paper was a review of an ecological study and he is a neuro. major, it seemed like he had tried to understand even the technical portion of the study. I chose him because he listens well and really thinks about questions I asked him about the writing even if he had not previously focused on them.  I also liked the way he bounced ideas off me and worked with me to help improve the phrasing in portions of my paper.

She offered very helpful advice.  Most of what we talked about was the differences between giving the reader a collection of facts and giving the reader an argument that used facts as evidence.  She was not afraid to point out weaknesses in my writing but did not do so harshly.  She asked me a lot of questions and listened to what I had to say. 

I was nervous to go to the Writing Center because I felt that my writing would be torn apart and I would lose confidence in my ideas.  I felt that I was able to get constructive help instead of harsh criticism.  He helped me with clarity and word choice in my lab which was exactly what I was looking for.  He helped me talk through how to reword some parts.  It was helpful that he did not know a lot about the topic.  I was able to see that I needed to write to the general public.

He helped me develop an effective structure for my paper by prompting me to talk through my argument. We had a very productive conversation and he gave thorough, clear, constructive criticism without making me feel insecure or uncomfortable. This was my first experience at the Writing Center and it was very helpful. 

She was a great tutor. She allowed me to develop my own thoughts and gave me suggestions only when I struggled to articulate what I was trying to say.  Her comments were clear and her notes were very helpful.  I referred to them many times while finalizing my draft.  Her tips were not only helpful for the paper we worked on but for papers in general. 

I thought our conference was the most effective one I have ever had.  She had comments of her own to give as well as expressing great interest in addressing my own concerns.  It felt very much like a discussion.

My experience with the Writing Center has gotten better over time.  As I have become a better writer, we are able to focus on higher level elements. I am very happy that it is a resource. 

She worked with me for well over an hour, really helping me with the specifics of my paper.  I learned a lot about how to write a paper in general in addition to focusing on my draft. 

She started by addressing my concerns about my draft. She was very good about making sure that my concerns going into the conference were addressed so that I could focus more on her other feedback without them hanging over my head.

A wonderful tutor.  She combined the right amount of motivational encouragement as well as constructive, honest criticism.  She was straightforward when not clear on a point I made but enthusiastic about find a solution.  If I could not understand her written comment we went over it and she explained the comment as well as how I could fix it.  The conference became more of a conversation where we both were discussing ideas and listening to one another and actively participating in improving my draft.

He went beyond addressing my concerns about my draft and helped me to write my essay with a structure I had not considered but felt comfortable with. He was very attentive throughout and very active in asking me questions and posing his thoughts to help build my own.

Something completely different

I have been to the Writing Center twice and both times my Mom read the essay before I went and liked it but when she read it after my appointment thought it was definitely improved. 

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