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Jamie Abaied '04
Jamie is addicted to the following substances/activities: juice, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, British chocolate, naps, Nutella, and Proust. She only roots for two teams: Scotland, and whichever team England is playing. Her other Hamilton commitments include RAing in Minor, spreading music pretention at WHCL, Newman Council, and occasional shenanigans in the psychology department. Jamie would like to give a shout out to Mike D. and Reba, whose shoes she will humbly try (and inevitably fail) to fill as senior tutor.
Patrick Cooke '06
A passenger train traveling east at 53 mph leaves Sacramento at 4:43 am. A freight train traveling south at 47 mph leaves Cincinnati at 7:26 am. How much will a dozen eggs cost in Chicago? Thinking like this guaranteed that Pat would never work at the Q-Lit center so he became a writing tutor instead.
Caitlin Foley '04
Caitlin is a senior government major/math minor from a small town in Connecticut with, believe it or not, fewer traffic lights than the thriving metropolis of Clinton! She likes to keep herself extremely busy, but will always find time to squeeze in dancing to Britney or watching Shrek. It is said that her laugh can be heard across campus (hey she never claimed to be a quiet person) and she has perfected her communication skills through her countless hours on the phone. She has a little crush on Derek Jeter, and she plans on winning him over with her amazing ability to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Greg Gencarello '06
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Bands: Opeth, Emperor, Immortal
TV shows: The Daily Show, The West Wing
Author: Shakespeare, Blake, Donne
If I could be any superhero, I'd be: The Silver Surfer. He rides a wicked board through space, he's absurdly shiny, and he can create something out of nothing. Beat that! Greg is a sophomore who plans to major in Art History and Japanese. A faithful devotee of the arts, he enjoys spending time in museums and attending concerts in his native New York City, as well as building a modest reputation with his own drawings and paintings. When not in a conference, he spends much of his time either studying or taking up space in friends' rooms. Greg also proudly fills the need on campus for Scandinavian melodic metal, so feel free to consult him on all matters pertaining to rockin' out.
Karen Haedrich '06
In her past lives, Karen has been (in no particular order) a rather unlucky Maine lobster, Emperor Meiji's spoiled Siamese cat, a leather-clad Chinese rock star, a flea (due to bad karma), and the object of worship for the Ancient Egyptian cult of the Almighty Crocodile Goddess. She is enjoying her present life as a Hamilton sophomore, which is slightly more stressful than life as a Maine lobster and slightly less pampered than life at the Japanese Imperial Palace. As a Creative Writing major and an enthusiast of Philosophy and Asian Studies, she spends her time writing (creatively), listening to Asian rock music, translating stuff for fun, and mysteriously getting work done (she is rarely seen in the act). Her favorite place in the world is Tokyo, Japan, but Major Residence Hall is a close second (note: this is the first and last time you will hear of Major being "close" to anything).
Cameron Hanft '06
Cameron is a sophomore born and raised in the beautiful state of New Jersey. She enjoys history, English, government and sociology and is dreading the February date when she has to declare a major. In her free time Cameron can be found with her friends, at the gym, online shopping or plotting to take over Martha Stewart's fallen empire.
Movie: The Goonies
Album: Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP
Authors: Hemingway, Tim O'Brien
Color: Pink
Role Model: Her mom!
Ashley Herriman '05
Ashley is a junior and a government major.
Ann Horwitz '06
Ann hails from Chevy Chase, MD, via Manhattan's Upper West Side. When not in the Writing Center, Ann can be found pursuing sundry activities, including College Choir, Hamiltones a cappella, and membership in Rhymelab, Hamilton's hip-hop performance conglomerate. Yes, she just said conglomerate. Aside from Hamilton-related activities, she is a disciple of the First Church of Obsessive Music Collecting, and worships nightly at the altar of Duran Duran, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and countless others. Sadly, she's had no luck establishing the Divinyls cover band she'd hoped to form on the Hill. Though she has no plans for immediate post-college pursuits, she ultimately entertains visions of pearls and Chanel suits, ladies who lunch at the Waldorf and wash everything down with no fewer than two stiff Tanqueray martinis. But that'll be when she's like 60, long after her triumphant 2020 Grammy win for her breakout hip-hop/klezmer fusion album, Challah at Me! She thanks her family for the hereditary peccadillos, her friends for their sporting tolerance thereof, and Salinger for The Catcher in the Rye.
Sarah Karalunas '04
Miss Sarah Karalunas, who is habitually late for most things in life (except for writing conferences, of course), is a proud member of the senior class. Don't be fooled by her diminutive stature, she really is old enough to be in college. If you are lucky enough to have a conference with this lovely girl, she will be happy to teach you a few choice Bengali phrases, such as "Rode ghurbenna matha dhorbe" (don't wander in the sun, you'll get a headache), and "Se shudhu dhuti pore" (he only wears a dhoti). If she deems your paper especially displeasing, she may even teach you to say, "Ami klaser sobceye boka chele chilam," (I was the stupidest boy in the class). She hopes that it will not come to that, but Sarah tells it like it is, and she lacks basic human interaction skills. So when booking your appointment, choose wisely.
Jessica Kent '04
Jessica Kent is a senior Comparitive Literature/Creative Writing major.
Allison Kerbel '05
Allison Kerbel is a junior Anthropology/English major.
Jen Kostka '04
Jen Kostka is a senior English major, French minor hailing from sunny (ha!) Rah-cha-cha, New York. When Jen isn't in the Writing Center, she can probably be found secretary-ing for ELS, editing the Alumni Review, Course Catalogue, and Faces Book (among others) at C&D, making super-duper important housing decisions at RHC, copy-editing the Spec, or endlessly quoting movies (Legally Blonde, Office Space, Zoolander and Super Troopers are particularly great for this activity). When Jen leaves Hammy-Tech in the spring and enters the 'real world', she plans to try her hand at publishing/editing in San Francisco, Chicago or Boston. If Jen had to pick one word to describe herself, it would probably be Fluffy Puff Marshmallows'.or Jen'.either one, really'.they both fit'.
Allison Krutul '06
Allison Krutul is a sophomore psychology major who loves to since and dance. She can often be seen frolicking or running around campus. She has a penchant for fun socks, including fuzzy monkies, candy canes and fish varieties, and has a serious caffeine addiction, coke products only. In her room, she has three pets: a beta fish named Kam, Spike the cactus and a big leafy plant called BLT. While she openly admits to being a jewelry-aholic, she still denies having a shoe obsession (though of the 25 pairs on the shoe rack in her room, only 3 belong to her roommate). Finally, although Allison could not care less about the chaotic state of her desk, her notoriously unmade bed or the collection of different papers/books sprawled on her futon, she is obsessive when it comes to grammar, punctuation and other essentials of writing.
Sarah Lozo '06
Sarah, a native of Rochester, New York, is a sophomore this year with five more months to decide on a major. Thus far, English and French seem to be her most likely choices. Sarah enjoys music, thunderstorms, watching movies, not living in Bundy, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Sometimes, Sarah has trouble sitting properly in chairs.
Ian Mandel '06
Ian Mandel put off writing this bio for several weeks, and it was not until he saw all the other writing tutor bios up on the website, that he finally decided that action needed to be taken.  He felt left out that other tutors had their pictures on the website, but that his was not.  Yet deep down he knew that he had noone to blame but himself for repeatedly putting off writing his bio.  Sure, he was busy doing homework, working at the SPEC, in the Writing Center and with the Hamilton College Democrats, but there really wasn't any excuse for his laziness.  So here it is: Ian's bio.  Want to know more?  Ian is currently a Sophomore and hails from Nyack, New York, a town 18 miles north-west of New York City.  Still need to know more?  Well, then you'll have to come to the Writing Center and sign up for an appointment...
Mark Mullett '05
Mark Mullett is a junior Economics major and English minor.
Katie Plumb '05
My name is Katie Plumb. First name like everyone else's and last name like the fruit. Most people just call me Plumber (endearing and affectionate, I know). When I am not obsessing over a 15 page English paper and lecturing my Dunham hallway on the golden rules of grammar (that is what we do as writing tutors, right...) I can be found dancing myself into sweaty oblivion in the Kirkland Loft or out on the basketball court with the dance team trying to ignore the animalistic hooting of the overdressed Dogpound (you know you love them'GO CONTINENTALS). Still can't find me? I could be walking around campus backwards assuring a trail of parents and high school students that South really is a typical freshmen residence hall. I unleash my major geek when I show movies for AV. Yes that's me locked in the booth struggling to get the sound to work on some new age VCR, don't even get me started on the DVD players. If all else fails I am probably in my room belting out the lyrics of an early 90's tune in the company of my equally deranged but loveable roommates, our apologies to the freshmen boys down the hall, not all junior girls are like this, or at least that's what they want you to think... So anyways, that's me. Don't be scared and run away. Come on over to the writing center. We promise to help you write real good.
Jen Rose '04
At just under five feet tall, this red-haired, blue-eyed bombshell has more to offer than initially meets the eye. With her sights set on finding Mr. Write, this gregarious government major anxiously awaits opportunities to put her tutoring skills to the test.
Heather Schrum '05
Heather Schrum, lover of oldies and oil paints, formerly spotted behind the help desk at the Science Library. Seeing, however, that the Science Library has been emptied and deserted, she now looks forward to spending her next two years as a Writing Center Tutor. When she is not enjoying her classes, friendships, and the lovely weather at Hamilton College, Heather, a sentimental family girl, enjoys spending time with her fellow Schrums in the fine state of Connecticut. Over the years, she has also taken a liking to Erik, trilobites, sushi, and levels (yes, the tool).
Michelle Skornicki '06
Michelle is quizzical, studies metaphysical
Science in the home
Late nights all alone with a test-tube
Oh wait, no,..that was Joan.
In fact, Michelle is a sophomore who doesn't want her college years to fly by. She loves skiing and eating pasta, and she misses her little shihtzu. She can't wait to meet you at the writing center. :)
Chris Takacs '05
Favorite Author: Albert Camus or Jean-Paul Sartre
FavoriteBook: The Rebel, Albert Camus
Favorite Food: Caviar. Seriously.
Favorite Dining Hall food: Coffee.
Favorite TV Show: Golden Girls. Columbo (little known fact: Peter Falk, a.k.a Columbo, went to Hamilton).
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Writing Implement: the red Spec pen
Favorite Movie: Pi
Favorite Study Spot on Campus: The tall tables in Opus
Residence Hall: Major
Major: Philosophy and Sociology, Government minor
Clubs/activities: Spectator, Adirondack Adventure
Role Model: Dan Walker
Superhero I would be: Gambit
Superpower: Searing flames would shoot out of my eyes whenever I see a dangling modifier.
Alcoholic beverage: Pint 'o' Guinness
Adina Unguras '04
Adina is a senior from Romania, returning on the Hill after her junior year in Paris, a city that she continues to miss. As a French major she is extremely interested in the Francophone world. Other than being obsessed with languages, of which she speaks four, she is extremely intense about exile literature and cross-cultural communication, as well as other related topics. Along these lines, Adina's goal is to achieve fluency in at least two more languages. She is hoping to use these skills in her future career. When she does not worry about life after Hamilton, she enjoys reading Milan Kundera, her favorite author. Some of her pastimes include traveling, creative writing, singing jazz, dancing to electronic music and cooking crepes. As a writing tutor and a Career Center peer counselor Adina is always busy. Being a people-oriented person, she strives to spend time with her friends whenever she can.
Dan Walker '05
Dan is a junior with a double concentration in English and music. He is a member of the College Choir, College Hill Singers, and is co-music director of the Buffers. The closing of McEwen on weekends dealt Dan, like many other diehard Dark-Siders, a crushing blow from which he has still not fully recovered. Dan enjoys playing bass, running, and watching Schwarzenegger movies. He also sleeps every now and then.
Check these out:
Favorite Authors: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Langston Hughes, Milan Kundera
Bands: Bright Eyes, Our Lady Peace (pre-sellout), Majority Rule
Cartoons: The Simpsons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab 2021
Composers: Johannes Brahms, Charles Ives, Anton Webern


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