Tutors Fall 2006


Katie Berlent '08
Katie is a junior and a Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies double major. She loves music and plays saxophone in the jazz ensemble. In the spring, she will be traveling to Spain with the Hamilton program. Katie is also a chocolate addict, so bring her chocolate if you want to get extra special top-secret writing tips.
Leeann Brigham '09
Leeann is a sophomore pre-med student from Troy, NY. She plays rugby and plans to major in Neuroscience, English, or both.
Henry Ciocca '09
Henry is a sophomore and does not know what to major in.  He enjoys a nice pair of slacks and has a fine collection of leather-bound books.  When not hard at work at the writing center, you might find Henry up in Alumni gym; he'll be the one throwing down 360 dunks on the corner hoop.  His favorite T.V. show is Entourage and he thoroughly enjoys the musical stylings of Will Smith along with his sidekick, DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Melissa Coffey '07
Melissa is a senior sociology major. She enjoys being a hooker in her spare time - that's rugby lingo for those of you who don't know. She prefers lamps more than overhead lighting, and "piece of cake" ice cream to any other flavor!
Lara Cueni '08
Lara is a junior archaeology major.
Sarah Downey '07
Sarah is a senior Psychology major and English minor. She runs sprints and middle distance on Hamilton's indoor and outdoor track teams. Her interests include, but are not limited to, the following: ripping bad movies apart, throwing quotes from good movies into conversations at random, intense video gaming sessions, liking most music that isn't some guy whining with his acoustic guitar, and rocking Clinton, New York. She's somewhat nocturnal; as such, many of your appointments will take place during her biological clock's scheduled sleep hours. However, she will be nice. Interesting Optical Fact: She's a little blind in her left eye, but don't think that will stop her from noticing when you use "its" for "it's."
Laura Hartz '07
Laura is a Biology and English double major who refuses to be defined by anything other than duality. For instance, she likes things that are green: beans, pens, and environmentally sustainable campuses; and also things that are red: raspberries, striped caps, and that leather chair in Opus. Hopefully, when you bring your paper to her in the Writing Center, she won't be wearing these two colors together.
Katya Hottenstein '08
Katya, a junior from Moorestown, NJ, proudly does not refer to herself as a 'Jersey girl.' Instead, she lives just 20 minutes outside of Philly. In order to win her affection, you too must enjoy humming at random moments, concocting chocolate-peanut-butter-banana milkshakes, attempting to complete the daily crossword puzzle before anyone else, star-gazing in fields, playing a variety of instruments, running, and traveling to distant corners of the Earth. After her years on the Hill, Katya plans to get her master's in education and then scribble on chalkboards in an elementary school. 
Joe Jansen '07
I am a writing tutor. I like to read papers. If you make an appointment with me, I will read your paper.  
Kellen Leon-Atkins '07
Kellen is a senior and a Psychology major. Her favorite TV show is The Office and she hopes Jim and Pam will finally get together this season. She doesn’t care how long Pam has been engaged; Roy is scum and probably won’t ever set the wedding date. Pam needs to realize that Jim cares about her, and that he is really cute. Kellen also can’t wait to see Jim and Roy get into a fistfight. Roy might be big, but Kellen bets Jim is quick like lightning. 
Tom Lewek '09
Tom is a sophomore English major from Hanson, Massachusetts. He survived four years at a Catholic high school, and the rigors of the education have permanently shaped his personality. This does not mean, however, that he will slap your knuckles with a ruler if you use the passive voice.
Lindsay Martin '07
Lindsay is a senior English major.
Ryan McGuirk '07
Ryan is good at writing. He is however, near-sighted. Nobody's perfect.   
Silas McKee '07
I'm a chemistry major with an interest in philosophy. I listen to live music every chance I get, and people have accused me of being a "hippy." This is nonsense. I have never been, and never will be, a hippy.
Katie Naughton '08
"A Limerick About Me" by Katie Naughton, age 19
There once was a young writing tutor
Who desperately wanted a scooter
But she spent all her money on books that were funny
Meet with me - you can say that you knew 'er.
Laura Oman '07
Laura Oman is a senior English major. 
Kate Pallin '07
Kate is a senior and a Hispanic Studies major and Communication minor.
Sarah Patterson '08
A current junior, Sarah is from Mechanicsburg, PA. She is double majoring in philosophy and comparative literature. Outside of class, Sarah works at Res Life and is a member of KSA. When she isn't busy with her work, Sarah enjoys arts and crafts, such as drawing, card-making and knitting. Additionally, Sarah will celebrate her first international trip this spring at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where she will take courses in her majors. Busy as she is, Sarah looks forward to working as a tutor, so dot those i's and cross those t's! 
Adam Polonsky '08
Lord Apolon is a junior Classical Languages major and Medieval Studies kind-of major. He is also the best dragonslayer at Hamilton College, having slain seven great fire-drakes while still having enough energy to prevent modifiers from dangling. He also writes the Daily Bull every single day because no one will ever help him. He also is a writing tutor. He also will gesticulate wildly if you use “less” instead of “fewer” or “number” instead of “amount,” so watch out! He also starts his sentences with “he also” too much. Dang!
Rachel Richardson '09
Rachel is a sophomore Creative Writing and Philosophy major. She is currently one of two Oklahomans living on campus, and she is both able and ready to read your paper while dispelling any notions you may have about the great, grand land beyond the Mississippi. She enjoys coffee and her curtains, which are currently visible on the first floor of Milbank. She hopes to someday write the Next Great American Novel, but she would be content with permanently settling somewhere where the sun consistently shines. 
Kimberly Roe '08
Kimberly hails from Maryville, Tennessee. You do not pronounce her sweet southern hometown like the name Mary with a ville at the end. You say, “Murvul.” In any case, Kimberly is a junior geosciences major with an intended chemistry minor. You might see Kimberly riding her sweet scooter on Martin’s Way, sleeping in the Glen House hammocks, eating an Opus chocolate chip cookie in the Science Center, or clambering on the new climbing wall. Her goal in life is to return to Antarctica. If you don’t mind her subtle, southern accent, meet with Kimberly, and we reckon she can help.
Danielle Sclafani '08
Danielle is a junior Psychology major from Barrington, Rhode Island. She enjoys playing badminton, sailing, running, watching old TV shows, drinking chai, eating vanilla bean ice cream, and obsessing about her Italian heritage and supposed Mafia relations. She hopes to see lots of you in the Writing Center very soon, but be sure not to use your when you actually mean you’re in your papers—it’s one of her biggest pet peeves!
Natalie Tarallo '07
Natalie is senior Africana Studies major.  She likes dogs, wind, ice coffee and balconies but really can't deal with ants, motivational speeches, white socks and fluorescent lights.  A little bit country, ultimately Natalie hopes to be a race-car driver, but until then, she'll enjoy the equally fast-paced lifestyle of a writing tutor. 
Albert Trithart '08
Albert is a junior classical studies/world politics major. Sometimes he feels like he is wasting his life studying dead languages. He enjoys feeding pigeons, riding up and down escalators, playing violin, and running. He also finds correcting grammatical errors satisfying, so come visit the writing center!  
Jennifer Vano '09
Name: Jennifer Vano
Year: Sophomore
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Favorite Bands: Mindless Self-Indulgence, Dredg, Thursday, Ours, A Perfect Circle
Favorite Movies: Dumbo, The Cider House Rules, Pieces of April, The Secret Garden, Fight Club
Favorite Books: Notes from the Underground, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Demian, Lolita
Hobbies/Clubs: Tap That (founder!), Rhymelab, Ballroom Dancing, Red Weather, Theater, Poetry
Major: Creative Writing? Philosophy? Psych? Theater?
Sarah Wiener '08
Sarah is a junior chemistry major from Rochester, NY. When she is not synthesizing fun chemicals in lab, she enjoys playing field hockey, cooking, singing obnoxiously in the car, and, most of all, telling jokes that usually only she thinks are funny.  


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