Tutors Fall 2007


Stephanie Anglin '10 
Stephanie is a sophomore from Endicott, New York, who plans to major in psychology. She enjoys watching movies, running, and skiing, and loves the fall, chicken wing pizza, and Christopher Walken.
Leeann Brigham '09
Leeann is a junior pre-med student from Troy, NY. She plays rugby and is majoring in neuroscience.
Henry Ciocca '09
Henry is a junior and does not know what to major in.  He enjoys a nice pair of slacks and has a fine collection of leather-bound books.  When not hard at work at the writing center, you might find Henry up in Alumni gym; he'll be the one throwing down 360 dunks on the corner hoop.  His favorite T.V. show is Entourage and he thoroughly enjoys the musical stylings of Will Smith along with his sidekick, DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Brendan Conway '09
Brendan is a junior and a potential Creative Writing/Philosophy double major. He hails from the Garden State, and will defend it to the death from any would-be detractors…unless, of course, the would-be detractor is a fellow New Jersey-an, in which case he will happily while away the hours sharing terrible stories about his radioactive home state.  He enjoys wasting his time upon any number of activities, including badminton, video games, comics, video games, reading humorous books, and video games.
Winston Cook-Wilson '09
Winston Cook-Wilson '09 is a junior music major and creative writing minor. His activities include working for the radio station, running the Independent Music Fund, and singing with the choir. He enjoys Minar lunch buffet, Super Pies, the Beach Boys and Wet Hot American Summer.
Lara Cueni '08
Lara is a senior archaeology major.
David Foster '10
I am an Economics-Government double major who has lots of boring interests (as oxymoronic as that sounds).  If you like to talk about politics, classical music, or microeconomic theory, we are sure to have a thrilling conference!
Pat Hodgens '09
Pat Hodgens is a sophomore from Syracuse, NY who would appreciate any advice you could give on choosing a major.
Katya Hottenstein '08
Katya plans to graduate this year with a concentration in Hispanic Studies and a minor in Education.  She spent last semester abroad in Chile, where she learned how to be late to class, how to climb a volcano, and how to prepare llama meat.  She is currently a Spanish TA and a bassoonist in the orchestra, but she also enjoys playing the piano, running, chocolate and crossword puzzles.  Expect to find a page of the NY Times missing from the Writing Center on a daily basis.
Whitney Kimmel '08  
Whitney is a senior English & French double major. When she isn't reading Milton, Stein, Camus or Sartre she is probably battling senioritis or enjoying her last year of irresponsibility before she graduates and has to enter the real world.
Words to live by:
"These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same.
Through all of our running and all of our cunning
If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane."
- Jimmy Buffet
Chris Love '10
Chris, a sophomore, plans to major in English and minor in Communication. He loves literature of all kinds and hopes to one day scrounge a living by writing his own. In addition to his classes at Hamilton, Chris participates in Air Force ROTC, based out of Syracuse University. As such, he will occasionally arrive at a conference in his uniform. If this happens, don't panic: he won't make you do push-ups if you make a comma fault. Needless passive voice, however . . . 
Rachel McReynolds '09
Rachel is a junior History major from Northern California.  She likes history and languages and adores folk music and acoustic guitars. And grammar.
Katie Naughton '08
A Limerick About Me" by Katie Naughton, age 19
There once was a young writing tutor
Who desperately wanted a scooter
But she spent all her money on books that were funny
Meet with me - you can say that you knew 'er.
Sarah Patterson '08
Sarah Patterson is a senior philosophy and comparative literature double major.  She works as an intern for the Office of Residential Life and is also the Student Assembly secretary.  She's back for her second year as a tutor after having spent a semester in Scotland, where the sheep are plentiful and British English rules supreme.  So if you should commit a writing offence, (or, if you rather, an offense), visit this fair lass and worry not!
Andrew Peart '10
Andrew is a sophomore English major.
Apolon '08
Lord Apolon is a senior Classical Languages major and Medieval Studies kind-of major. He is also the best dragonslayer at Hamilton College, having slain seven great fire-drakes while still having enough energy to prevent modifiers from dangling. He also writes the Daily Bull every single day because no one will ever help him. He also is a writing tutor. He also will gesticulate wildly if you use "less" instead of "fewer" or "number" instead of "amount," so watch out! He also starts his sentences with "he also" too much. Dang!
Mallory Reed '10
Mallory is a sophomore from Potsdam, New York- the "real Upstate." She gets very bitter when her fellow students refer to Clinton as Upstate New York because it's just about as central as you can get! She is thinking of majoring in some sort of combination of Comparative Literature/ Sociology and/or French but suffers from a severe case of indecisiveness in many areas of her life. Mallory is an RA in Bundy West and the co-editor of News for the Hamilton College Spectator. Her favorite place on campus is Bristol Pool and she eats peanut butter at nearly every meal and snack. Mallory's philosophy on life is "Measure your life in Love," which is her favorite quote from RENT, one of her favorite musicals. She likes high-fives, hugs, and smiles and is always willing and happy to share! 
Rachel Richardson '09
Rachel is a junior Creative Writing and German major. She is currently one of two Oklahomans living on campus, and she is both able and ready to read your paper while dispelling any notions you may have about the great, grand land beyond the Mississippi. She enjoys coffee and her curtains, which are currently visible on the first floor of Milbank. She hopes to someday write the Next Great American Novel, but she would be content with permanently settling somewhere where the sun consistently shines.
Kimberly Roe '08
Kimberly hails from Maryville, Tennessee. You do not pronounce her sweet southern hometown like the name Mary with a ville at the end. You say, "Murvul." In any case, Kimberly is a junior geosciences major with an intended chemistry minor. You might see Kimberly riding her sweet scooter on Martin's Way, sleeping in the Glen House hammocks, eating an Opus chocolate chip cookie in the Science Center, or clambering on the new climbing wall. Her goal in life is to return to Antarctica. If you don't mind her subtle, southern accent, meet with Kimberly, and we reckon she can help.
Kevin Rowe '10
Kevin is a sophomore government major.
Danielle Sclafani '08
My professor was lecturing to my English class one day. "In English," she said, "a double negative creates a positive. In some languages, though, like Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, no language exists where a double positive forms a negative."
A student in the back of the room piped up, "Yeah, right."

Danielle is a senior psych major.
Emily Tang '08
Emily is a senior creative writing and Chinese double concentration from Brooklyn, NY. Though she does not know too much about baseball, she supports the Yankees by default. And, well, most of the Yanks are glorious baseball players. Her favorite television shows are "Frasier," "Law & Order: SVU," "Boy Meets World" (sentimental moments notwithstanding), and "Daria." She has repeatedly begged MTV, via official online petition, that it release a high-quality "Daria" DVD set for all of the show's long-suffering admirers.
Albert Trithart '08
Albert is a senior world politics/classical languages major. Sometimes he feels like he is wasting his life studying dead languages. He enjoys feeding pigeons, riding up and down escalators, playing violin, and running. He also finds correcting grammatical errors satisfying, so come visit the writing center!
Jennifer Vano '09
Name: Jennifer Vano
Year: Junior
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Favorite Bands: Mindless Self-Indulgence, Dredg, Thursday, Ours, A Perfect Circle
Favorite Movies: Dumbo, The Cider House Rules, Pieces of April, The Secret Garden, Fight Club
Favorite Books: Notes from the Underground, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Demian, Lolita
Hobbies/Clubs: Tap That (founder!), Rhymelab, Ballroom Dancing, Red Weather, Theater, Poetry
Major: Creative Writing? Philosophy? Psych? Theater?
Sarah Wiener '08
Sarah is a senior chemistry major from Rochester, NY. When she is not synthesizing fun chemicals in lab, she enjoys playing field hockey, cooking, singing obnoxiously in the car, and, most of all, telling jokes that usually only she thinks are funny.  






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