Tutors Spring 2013


Emily Anderson '13
Emily is a senior Public Policy major from Simsbury, Conn. Her interests include eating Opus cookies, not going to the gym and reading Booker Prize winners. She is also an Alternative Spring Break leader and a member of the HAVOC E-board.
Emily Archer '13
Emily is a senior Art major and Sociology minor who plans on going to culinary school after Hamilton. When not in the Writing Center, she can most likely be found spending too much time in the List art studios. Her interests include baking, harmonizing with the Hamiltones, drinking superfluous amounts of coffee, and doodling on any surface that presents itself to her.
Cara Bigony '13
Cara is a senior from Weston, Mass. She is majoring in Comparative Literature and her minor is French. Her interests include Russian novels, ‘80s movies, New York City’s infinite supply of used bookstores, peanut butter, travel, and spending time with family and friends. She is also a Fiction Editor for Red Weather and a Resident Advisor.
McKinley Brumback '14
McKinley is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland. She is  majoring in Physics with a Math and Education double minor. Despite taking classes with terrifying names like "Quantum Physics" and "Linear Algebra," she makes time for some English classes so she can escape the Science Center once in a while. McKinley loves to read, especially on her Kindle, and is currently hooked on the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. When she's not in a Physics Lab, McKinley enjoys Euphoria Smoothies, buffalo chicken wraps at the Diner, playing Scrabble, and watching Top Chef every Wednesday.
Emma Bowman '15
Emma is a sophomore and an English and Sociology double major.  She likes electroswing music, Shakespeare, BBC Sherlock, and people. When passing by Kirkland on a stormy day you might glimpse her in an upstairs window, lounging on the sill and reading a book.
Marty Cain '13
Marty is a senior Creative Writing major, Senior Fellow, and a Cinema & New Media Studies minor. He’s from a small town in Vermont, and is currently pursuing a year-long Senior Fellowship on surrealism and the pastoral tradition. His interests include writing poetry, viewing and thinking about avant-garde film, performing in loud punk bands, and playing tennis poorly.
Cooper Creagan '13
Cooper is a senior English major and Math minor.  He has also studied Philosophy, Anthropology, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese.  When he's not in the Writing Center or performing his RA duties in Keehn, he is often panicking about his thesis or trying not to think of the fast approaching future.  He also enjoys the board game The Settlers of Catan.
Katherine Delesalle '14
Katherine is a junior from Asheville, N.C. majoring in Psychology with a fondness for Theatre and English. You'll often find her singing with Special K or curled up with an Opus chai and a novel. She adores freshly baked cupcakes and her pet fish, Oberon. During her fall semester in Ireland, she indulged her interest in Irish folklore by taking classes on ritual custom and storytelling.
Krista Hesdorfer '14
Krista is a Government major with a double minor in Education and Women’s Studies. She enjoys strong coffee, feminist theory, arts and crafts, and farming. She is also the Program Assistant for the America Reads literacy tutoring program, an executive board member of the HC Womyn’s Center, and a huge fan of banana pancakes.
Alex Host '13
Alex is a senior Philosophy major and Music minor. He also enjoys literature.
Dylan Jackson ‘13
Dylan is an English major and Sociology minor from a small town on the coast of Maine. He enjoys rowing, running, reading, and (apparently) alliteration.
Lindsay Kramer '13
Lindsay is a senior from Hopkinton, Massachusetts majoring in English (and frequenting both the Psychology and Dance departments). She’s especially fond of classic rock, coffee mugs, TV crime dramas, and the bench outside KJ.  Feel free to say “Hi” if you see her there.
Jess LeBow '15
Jess is a member of the class of 2015. She is an English and Art double major. Her favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and her favorite movie is The Princess Bride. She follows certain food blogs a bit too closely and loves to cook though she rarely has the opportunity to do so on campus!
Dana Leonard '13
Dana is a senior Geoscience major and a Hispanic Studies/Art double minor from Concord, Mass.  Her interests include photography, chocolate, skiing, tea, and snowflakes.
Megan Murphy '15
Megan is a sophomore from the booming metropolis of Albany, N.Y. She is a Government major and a Russian Studies minor.  She loves all things Russian, good coffee, terrible stand-up comedy, especially descriptive words, and impromptu discussions on the meaning of life.
Nick Solano '14
Nick is a junior Government and Economics double major from Nashua, New Hampshire.  He is also a tutor for the ABC Program, an assistant coordinator for Project SHINE, and a board member for Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley.  In his free time, Nick can be found running loops around Hamilton, wasting away his paycheck at Dunkin' Donuts, or in the gym.  His favorite book is Born to Run.
Susannah Spero '13
Susannah is a senior with an interdisciplinary concentration in Socioeconomic and Political Studies and a Studio Art minor. She enjoys growing vegetables and shoveling manure. Her intellectual interests include corporate social responsibility in the Mongolian extractive industry and Suri Cruise's wardrobe.
Erin Sullivan '13
Erin is a senior from Cooperstown, N.Y. and majoring in Russian Studies. She plays rugby and is a HAVOC site coordinator for the Johnson Park Center in Utica. Her interests include arts and crafts, naps, doodling, and dark chocolate.
Olivia Valcarce '15
Olivia is a sophomore who is a Sociology major and Math minor. She enjoys reading, writing, linguistics, and words in general. She is on the Curling Team and the Hunt and Dressage horse-back riding team. Although she lives on Lightside this year, she is still a Darksider at heart.
Kina Viola '14
Kina is a junior Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor from White Plains, N.Y. When she's not at the Writing Center, you can find her working at Opus, concocting delicious caffeinated beverages to keep the campus moving. She is a tea-addict, and a fan of books, writing poetry, cooking, and snowshoeing in the woods.
Adam Wenick '13
Entering his rookie year at the Writing Center, Adam is a senior Economics major from Newtown, Connecticut. Come to the Writing Center to meet with Adam and you’ll discuss your paper over a bag of Swedish Fish. Who doesn’t like Swedish Fish?
Brandon Wilson '14
Brandon is a junior Physics major who is minoring in English and Math. He hails from the woods of New Hampshire, which explains his passion for alpine ski racing. When not in the basement of the Science Center, he is almost certainly cycling the roads around Hamilton with the cycling team or skiing with the alpine ski team, depending on the weather. Despite recently reading Ivanhoe and The Once and Future King, his favorite work of literature remains Bram Stoker's most famous work, the epistolary novel Dracula.
Meghan Woolley '13
Meghan is a senior from Durham, Conn. majoring in History with minors in English and Hispanic Studies. When not completing copious amounts of reading, she enjoys spending time writing for The Spectator, playing the flute, and coming in last at Trivia Night. She is also passionate about Lord of the Rings, Arthurian literature, and board games. Her weaknesses are chocolate and pomegranates.
Hannah Zucker '15
Hannah is a sophomore Neuroscience major. She's also premed. In her free time, Hannah enjoys rowing on Hamilton's crew team, practicing martial arts, listening to all sorts of music, and reading whatever books she can find.


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