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Rebecca Behrens '11
Rebecca is a senior Neuroscience major and English minor from Glendale, AZ. When she's not in the Writing Center, you may see her in the sushi line, which she submits to on a daily basis because of her seafood addiction. Rebecca's interests include satire, Freud, ELO, and Arrested Development. She also firmly believes that Jane Austen was God's gift to English literature, and if you foolishly decide to criticize Pride and Prejudice in her presence, she will bombard you with a diatribe that may extend your conference by 3 hours.
Jeff Cardoni '11
Jeff Cardoni is an Economics major and Creative Writing minor from the wonderful state of New Hampshire. He enjoys rowing, reading, writing, and reading other students' writing.
Rachel D'Angio '11
Rachel is a senior Environmental Studies major focusing in biology. Along those lines, she spent the summer working at her local zoo, where her desk was right across from the education animals. As a result, she learned a lot of grammar from a talking parrot, so you're in good hands, or wings.
Allison Eck '12
Allison is a junior Comparative Literature and Physics double major who has no idea what prompted her to take on such a crazy combination. Allison is a fan of classical music, the movie Back to the Future, Russian literature, Severus Snape, and dark chocolate Reese's cups. She is also on the Spectator staff, plays clarinet in the orchestra, and has recently decided to teach herself how to play the french horn. Allison looks forward to many exciting writing conferences!
Leigh Ercole '11
Leigh is senior psychology major and a Spanish/education double minor from Westport, Connecticut. She is on the swim team and a HAVOC site coordinator for DEAR, reading with elementary school students once a week. In her free time she enjoys reading, movies, baking, rock climbing, and traveling as well as spontaneous laughter, chocolate, coffee, and Opus muffins.
Catie Ferrara '11
Catie is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on Public Policy and is thus equally devoted to the Science Center and KJ. She spent the Spring ’10 semester in Australia and will likely reward a solid writing sample with the colloquial “good onya.” In the free time that she and her fellow Hamilton seniors like to imagine having, Catie enjoys running, photography, and co-DJing her weekly shift on WHCL.
Caitlin Fitzsimons '11
Caitlin is a senior English major and Art History minor from Hingham, MA. She is a tour guide for the Admissions Office, a student writer for the Alumni Review, a member of the Senior Gift Committee, a member of HALT, and involved with SAVES. She spent her junior spring in Florence, Italy.
Courtney Flint '11
Courtney is a senior majoring in History with a Comparative Literature minor.

Cristina Garafola '11
Cristina is a Chinese and World Politics double major from Sparta, New Jersey. During her junior year, she spent six months studying abroad in Beijing, where bubble tea is plentiful, and a semester in D.C., where cupcakes reign supreme. She is glad to finally be back on campus and able to chow down on Opus cookies whenever she pleases. Lest you think her life revolves completely around snacks, however, Cristina also enjoys roller coasters, driving, riding horses, photography, and listening to music. And tutoring.

Maeve Gately '12
Maeve Gately is a junior majoring in Comparitive Literature and Art History. When she is not in the Writing Center, you will most likely find her stretched out on the quad with a copy of A.S. Byatt's Possession, or (when the snow begins to fall) baking a batch of gluten-free brownies!
Nora Grenfell '12
Nora Grenfell is a junior from New York City majoring in Comparitive Literature and minoring in Geoscience. She is also production editor for The Spectator.
Michael Harwick '11
Michael Harwick '11 is a New Jersey-born senior comparative literature major, with minors in creative writing and music. His beloved Ikea bookshelf having fallen apart in his arms, he has since moved his personal library under his bed. A member of the College Choir, a TA for the French department, and Fiction Editor for the campus literary magazine Red Weather, he cooks, practices piano, and watches too many movies in his spare time.
Erica Kowsz '11
As an archaeology major, Erica's interests include barefootedness, body paint, creepy old attics, travel, and oatmeal, among other things. You might catch a glimpse of her in her natural environment at HEAG, HOC, or the community garden. She loves art, language, literature, history, and a good laugh. She doesn't really have much interest in explosives, but, if you'd like, you can ask her about finding a live WWII era bomb one summer while digging for Paleoindian stone tools.
Stefanie Linnan '11
Stefanie is a senior from Pennsylvania who is majoring in English and Psychology and minoring in awesomeness. In her free time, she enjoys reading, wasting many hours on the Internet, and solving the world's mysteries.
Julia Litzky '12
Julia Litzky is a junior from Annapolis, Maryland who is  majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Philosophy. She is an editor of the Science and Technology section of The Spectator and a member of Emerson Literary Society and the Hamilton College Sailing Team.
Lauren Magaziner '12 
Lauren is a junior Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor. Her random slew of talents include the rote memorization of every line from the first three Harry Potter movies, the inability to keep her room clean, and a wicked Gollum impression. She loves Disney/Pixar, Philly cheesesteaks with wiz, guitar, and philosophical conundrums. Luckily for you, she also loves to talk about good writing! Speaking of good writing, she would like to publicly proclaim that J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Suzanne Collins, and Rick Riordan are the best authors in the history of the world. (Look them up... you'll be glad you did!)
Ryan Park '12
Ryan is a junior from Moraga, California. He is double majoring in fun (Creative Writing/Theatre) and is excited to start his rookie year at the Writing Center. When he is not pretending to be someone else, whether that be on stage or on paper, Ryan is training to be a hardcore korfer with the Korfball Club, playing 5 lives with Hamilton's club water polo team, or salvaging leftover food from the evil clutches of the Commons trashcans. He looks forward to taking many new classes vicariously through your papers.
Preetha Sushmita '11
Preetha is double major in Women's Studies and Development Studies. She likes to think she is an anarchist, so she will sympathize with your reluctance to conform to the rules of grammar. She will, however, make you take out those run-on sentences, awkward phrases and misplaced modifiers. She likes to read witty British novels, plan massacres of the bourgeoisie, and say "full stop" instead of "period."
Dana Quigley '11
Dana is a senior from Malden, Massachusetts. He is a Creative Writing and Asian Studies double-major. He enjoys zombie movies and will never pass up a cup of coffee or a game of Twister. In his spare time, Dana writes, films, and edits movies with his friends and listens to a vast library of music. He is a POSSE Scholar and co-leader of Writer's Bloc.
Hannah Schacter '12
Hannah is a junior from Newton, Massachusetts. She is a psychology major and a psych stats TA. When Hannah isn’t on the third floor of the Science Center, she can be found getting her caffeine fix in Opus, listening to 90s one hit wonders in her room, or attempting to win Tex Mex money at Trivia Night. She is also one of few remaining Survivor loyalists.
Sarah Schultz '12
Sarah is a junior majoring in English.
Kate Sheridan '11
Kate is a senior who is majoring in English with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Luckily for her, grammar is fun in any language! ¡Qué suerte!  
Erin Sullivan '13
Erin is a sophomore from Cooperstown, NY considering a major in Russian Studies. She plays rugby and is a HAVOC site coordinator for the Johnson Park Center in Utica. Her interests include arts and crafts, naps, doodling, and dark chocolate.
Jordyn Taylor '12
Jordyn is a junior from Toronto, Canada. She is double majoring in History and Theatre, and likes reading, writing, and cooking in her free time. She is proud to admit that the Harry Potter series is her favourite piece of writing that she's ever encountered.
Ben Trachtman '12
Ben is a junior Neuroscience major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His favorite book is Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, but he also loves The Lord of the Rings and everything else by J.R.R. Tolkien. He is a manic Philadelphia Eagles fan and an editor on The Spectator. When he's not working on organic chemistry, he likes to go paintballing and play the ukulele.
Olivia Wolfgang-Smith '11
Olivia hails from Rhode Island and is a senior majoring in Creative Writing and Russian Studies. In her spare time she plays the banjo very badly.


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