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The introduction of digital media into creative fields has changed the very nature of their study and production. Musicians, scientists, creative writers, film makers, and visual and performing artists have developed multiple fluencies with digital media. This, in turn, has made collaborative and cross-disciplinary work practically inevitable. The program in digital arts provides a formal framework for the exploration of these creative possibilities.

The minor in digital arts consists of five courses: the five courses are chosen in consultation with the Chair of the Digital Arts Program Committee, including at least three from the digital arts studio course list. Courses counted toward this minor cannot also be counted toward another concentration or minor.


116 Introduction to Photography
213 Introduction to Video
221 Introduction to Animation
302 Advanced Photography
313 Advanced Video
377 Digital Arts Workshop

180 Sound, Performance and Creativity

109 or 110 Music Theory for Non-Majors or 210/211 Theories of Music: Fundamentals and Chromatic Harmony
270 Introduction to Music Technology
370 Advanced Audio Production
377 Digital Arts Workshop

213 Lighting Design
214 Sound Design


Cinema and Media Studies
125 Introduction to History and Theory of New Media
201 Introduction to Digital Humanities
205 Video Game Nation
325 Media Theory and Visual Culture
330 Digital History and New Media: Theories and Praxis
335 Media and Production
350 Gender and Cyberculture

Computer Science
110 Introduction to Computer Science
375 Artificial Intelligence

136 Physics and Art
175 The Physics of Musical Sound
245 Electronics and Computers

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)

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