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Courses and Requirements

The goal of Hamilton’s Digital Arts Interdisciplinary Program is to offer hands-on opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, with an emphasis on digital, hybrid, and emerging technologies and practices. The Program prepares students to participate ethically in a complex, highly mediated cultural landscape and critically examine the impact of rapidly evolving technology on society.

The minor in digital arts consists of five courses, and should include a 300 level course: the five courses are chosen in consultation with the Chair of the Digital Arts Program Committee, including at least three from the Digital Arts Studio Course list. Courses counted toward this minor cannot also be counted toward another concentration or minor.


203 Performance, Ritual and Technology
116 Introduction to Photography
105 Introduction to Media: Integrated Media and Emerging Practices
213 Introduction to Video
221 Introduction to Animation
302 Advanced Photography
313 Advanced Video

180 Sound, Performance and Creativity

203 Performance, Ritual and Technology
110 Music Theory for Non-Majors
105 Introduction to Media: Integrated Media and Emerging Practices
270 Introduction to Music, Sound and Technology
370 Advanced Audio Production
377 Digital Arts Workshop

203 Performance, Ritual and Technology
213 Lighting Design

259 Digital Technology and Social Transformation
267 Introduction to Digital Ethnography: Virtual Fieldwork, Real Homework
281 Anthropology of Social Media
347 Visual and Media Anthropology

Art History
130 Introduction to Visual Studies
206 Visual Storytelling & Digital Methods
218 Installation Art

Cinema and Media Studies
267 Introduction to Digital Ethnography: Virtual Fieldwork, Real
320 Documentary Production for Ethnographically and
         Experimentally Inclined
335 Media and Production

136 Physics and Art
175 The Physics of Musical Sound
245 Electronics and Computers

105 F,S Introduction to Media: Integrated Media and Emerging Practices.
This course will serve as an introduction to digital technology in contemporary art making as it relates to interactivity, collaboration, and emerging practices. Emphasis will be placed on hands on experimentation and exploration across disciplines. We will cover installation art, web art, digital and time-based art, and immersive environments. Students will gain an overview of emerging digital practices, collaborative production strategies and correlations to social, aesthetic and theoretical issues. Other topics may include virtuality, performance, cyborgs, and network culture. Maximum enrollment, 12.

231 S Media Strategies-New Frontiers in Storytelling.
This class will survey and create emergent and non -linear forms of storytelling using digital and hybrid tools. We will examine notions of narrative authority and hybridity in a digital age and think through different ways we might use technology to distill, break apart or reify modes of communication and visual metaphor. Discussion will push boundaries of traditional storytelling and consider connectivity, liveness and embodied presence. This course will draw on multiple forms of expression including but not limited to digital media, performance, sound, XR, web and network environments. Prerequisite, DARTS 103, 205, or consent of instructor. (Same as Music 231 and Theatre 231.) Maximum enrollment, 16. Anna Huff.

240 F Performance, Ritual and Technology.
This class will cover performance strategies in relationship to digital technology, ritual and the social. We will create collaborative and hybrid work at the intersection of performance, digital media and social practice and map out modes of ritual engagement within these intersections. We will explore "liveness" as a digital and/or embodied presence and survey contemporary hybrid performance work. Enrollment 16, No prerequisite. (Same as Theatre 240 and Music 240 and Art 240.) Maximum enrollment, 16. Anna Huff.

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)

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Digital Arts Program

Nathan Goodale, Director
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
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