Research Opportunities

Women's studies combines theory and practice in creative, productive ways, so research is always central to the process of learning and applying knowledge. It may take the form of traditional scholarship, or it may involve less conventional forms of study and participation, but women's studies students at Hamilton are engaged students.

The Women’s Studies major provides students with theoretical knowledge that has practical application in a variety of occupations including law and public policy, health, education, government, journalism and social work.

Students attend small classes and forge strong relationships with their teachers. They collaborate with one another and with faculty members on projects. And they use their growing command of written and spoken argument to take their place in a vibrant intellectual community. Other students choose to complete a double major by meeting the requirements of two distinct majors. Women's studies might be paired, for example, with government or physics or English, with students taking courses in one discipline that complement the other.

Contact Information

Women's and Gender Studies Department

198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
315-859-4702 315-859-4253 womensstudies@hamilton.edu
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