Art History

Throughout history, societies have defined and transformed themselves through their art. When we experience a work of art today, we can see not only the work itself, but also the world that produced it. We see something of ourselves, too.

Art history at Hamilton focuses on understanding the rich cultural and historical contexts in which art is created and experienced. Courses cover a broad range of periods, cultures and critical approaches. Students of art history explore not only the European-American tradition, but also Chinese art, Japanese art and the arts of the Islamic and Buddhist traditions. Other courses, such as museum studies, women in art and contemporary critical theory, are organized around a particular theme.

Art history’s palette is further expanded through the department’s interdisciplinary links to a range of other Hamilton programs in history and culture. This sharing of resources encourages art history majors to make connections to other fields of critical inquiry. In addition, it makes the art historian’s unique perspective accessible to all Hamilton students.

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