Health Professions Advising at Hamilton

Welcome to Hamilton College and the health professions advising program. Hamilton offers a wealth of opportunities to help you prepare for your desired profession, and there is no one formula you must follow to find success. Many of you are certain of the profession you want to pursue, and others have many possible careers to investigate before a choice is made. The health professions advising program is here to guide you. We will present programs throughout the year to give you information, and you will have every opportunity to choose classes that are meaningful to you while you develop the strongest credentials possible. Whether you're interested in dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant programs, public health, veterinary medicine or any of the other health professions, our advising program is designed to offer you information, encouragement and guidance, will help you gain clinical experience, and will assist you in your post-graduate planning. It is your responsibility, however, to seek advising and make your questions known.

Leslie North, the Coordinator of Health Professions Advising, looks forward to meeting with you early in your academic career, and she hopes to serve as your guide as you proceed toward your goals.