The Hamilton Plan for Liberal Education

The Hamilton Plan for Liberal Education provides highly motivated students with both the freedom and the responsibility to make educational choices that emphasize breadth and depth.  Unique to this plan is a distinct capstone requirement at the conclusion of the concentration (The Senior Program) -- that serves as an integrating and culminating experience for students at a decisive point in their undergraduate careers.

A.  General Education

As part of the Hamilton Plan for Liberal Education, the faculty has significantly strengthened the general education sequence by: (a) replacing distribution requirements with a series of recommended goals; (b) instituting special first- and second-year seminars; (c) reaffirming the centrality of writing; and (d) reinvigorating the advising system. Highlights of the general education program include:

B.  The Concentration

The number of courses normally comprising a concentration is between eight and 10, depending upon the department or the program.  In addition, each student is required to complete a senior program, as defined by his or her concentration.  Many students also complete an independent study.