One Semester. Six Million Acres. Education. Community. Stewardship. This is the Adirondack Program.
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A Living Laboratory

Focus on local, interdisciplinary environmental issues and their global applications through intensive research, fieldwork, and internships—all integrated into a robust living-learning community of your own construction.

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Fall 2018: History of American Exploration and Outdoor Adventure

Examine how the history and culture of the United States is bound up with that of the discovery and exploration of the New World, with a focus on the meaning of that legacy for Americans from the 19th century on.

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Experiential Learning

Contribute directly to current projects in the Adirondack Park, mentored by established resident experts through formal internships and field-based research, and gain invaluable professional experience.


Distinguished Guest Speakers

Debate with experts on the Adirondack Park — with regional, national, and international reputations — about their perspectives on life, work, recreation, and activism in the region.

Contact Information

Janelle A. Schwartz, Ph.D.

General Director

A Student For Life

This program allows me to use my Hamilton education in the most comprehensive way to date. In demanding of my environment the most learning possible, I’ve dug into the Adirondacks, my internship at North Country Public Radio, and my college courses, tangibly.  This place-based learning assures me that I'll be the lifelong student I set out to become.

Julia Ferguson ’16

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